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Does Your Value Proposition Effectively Communicate How You’re Different?

Does Your Value Proposition Effectively Communicate How You're Different?

Your product is so similar to 2 or 3 major competitors in the market that you wonder why people even chose you in the first place.

Maybe it’s because you’re priced competitively. Maybe it’s because you’ve got better testimonials & referrals from your existing customers. Maybe your UX is a better fit for your customers?

Who knows?

What you sure as hell don’t have is a value proposition that effectively communicates how you’re different right up front.

This week, I review, a SaaS company that allows you to “Create your own landing pages.”

When I look for key differentiators I’m looking for:

  • A clear explanation of who the product is for
  • How it is different from all the alternatives out there
  • A real reason why I should purchase from you vs everyone else

Click to watch this 7 minute review:


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  1. Enjoyed the video. Great going over the basics.
    Reminds of my schooling years and horrible essay grades until I start out every essay by scribbling a note to myself at the top of the page.
    “Answer the essay question”

    While building landing pages, it’s so easy to get off track. The core message has to be “Who are you writing for? What pains are you solving?” and it has made our other landing pages much better according to the A/B tests.

  2. Great video Tommy, but what about Pagewiz? They have a great website, and so Pagewiz and Unbounce are the only softwares that I use for my clients.

  3. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you provide some super unique content, testimonials or services, etc… it depends only on big G (google) and how people find you, eg. if your website is reachable for the most competitive keywords and big G place you on top 3 positions you will receive 90% of clicks…

  4. If you’re relying solely on Google organic, you need to reevaluate & get more proactive with your distribution model.

    It’s important, sure, but I would never fully entrust my livelihood to a mega-corp whose employees I will very likely never meet. Think about that.

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Does Your Value Proposition Effectively Communicate How You’re Different?

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