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Patrick Campbell
CSO Paddle,
Founder of Profitwell

Momoko Price
Partner at Kantan

Jennifer Warren
SVP of Global Brand
Marketing at Indeed

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Knowing 1 thing isn’t enough
to be a marketing leader.

You need deep knowledge across the entire funnel and all channels. You need practical tactics to solve real-world problems. And you need to stay on top of market trends and shifts in consumer behavior.

CXL gives you exactly that. Serious training to build on your core skills. Specialist courses to develop expertise. And up-to-the-minute tactical playbooks to help you keep ahead of any curve.

  • Build solid, tactical skills in core areas of marketing – from growth to analytics, conversion rate optimization, and more.
  • Develop niche expertise with specialist courses – from paid ads to landing pages, AB testing, SEO, and beyond.
  • Learn from the top 1% of marketing practitioners – who are “doing the thing” in the real world as well as teaching it.
  • Get proof of your skills – cement what you learn with certification for every minidegree and course you take.

Build strong skills
in core areas of marketing.

Learn how to approach and solve marketing problems like the top 1% of marketing practitioners.

Through tightly packed video lessons, methodical processes and playbooks, and assignments.

And prove your expertise by earning certifications.

5 tracks | 20 courses – Become a master of experimentation. You’ll be able to improve the conversion rates on any website.

4 tracks | 12 courses – Build deep skills in the discipline of analytics. Become a true data-driven marketer.

7 tracks | 30 courses – Learn the secrets of fast-growing companies. You’ll be able to execute marketing programs for continuous growth.

Explore additional minidegrees in:

Stand out in oversaturated markets with radical differentiation, master campaign efficiency, create a strong brand identity, and build a confident community strategy.

Master acquisition channels such as Meta, Google, and LinkedIn ads; learn optimization frameworks and create effective content marketing programs.

Learn how to increase your online sales by utilizing digital and behavioral psychology, persuasion and neuromarketing.

Master ecommerce metrics. Excel in organic & paid channels. Sell on Amazon, Marketplace & Google. Optimize customer journeys.

Lead impactful GTM launches, unite teams, and drive company growth across all industries and sizes.

Master data analysis techniques, research user journeys & challenges to create & execute technical content strategies.

Learn data extraction, basic programming languages, machine learning applications, data science and statistics for technical marketing.

Go deeper with specialist courses.

Add specific skills and tactics to your growing bank of marketing expertise with 120+ specialist courses. With more added all the time.

A/B testing, Conversion Optimization, Optimization
Start making more money with your online experiments

Content marketing, Digital Marketing, Growth Marketing, Marketing, SEO
Develop a world class content marketing program

Become an expert in GA4. Everything from planning your implementation, building reports to auditing your set up.

Conversion Optimization, Digital Marketing
Increase conversion rates on any landing page you work on.

This program will make you a master of PPC ads. Google, Facebook (Meta) and Linkedin.

Analytics, Content marketing, Conversion Optimization, Digital Marketing, Google, Growth Marketing, Marketing, Optimization, Psychology
Stop letting amateur copy wipe out your conversions

Learn from the 1% to join the 1%.

Every instructor at CXL is a real-world expert, from the top 1% of practitioners worldwide.

We hand-pick and exhaustively vet each one to guarantee they deliver results. And can teach how they do it.

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When you subscribe to CXL, you get immediate access to everything you need to advance your marketing career:

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  • 10 minidegrees so you can develop deep specialization in the topics you love, from conversion rate optimization to demand creation and capture – and everything in between.
  • 2,000+ practical playbooks you can try out today, that are currently being used by the top 1% of marketers worldwide.

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