Growing AppSumo to $80 million with performance marketing.

AppSumo became the number one app for software deals online by doubling down on Affiliate Marketing and profitably scaling Paid Ads.

Nick Christensen, Head of Marketing at AppSumo will cover:

  • How to choose one channel and go beyond the 20 million mark.
  • Developing a profit-first approach to paid ads.
  • Learning to own your data and move away from 3rd party cookies.

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Businesses and Marketers are constantly transforming themselves.

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AppSumo was doing under 10 million dollars and grew to over 80 million per year

They knew customers loved the software and wanted to share it with friends. That’s how they came up with the first version of their affiliate program, and it became their focus.

Over the last seven years, they have: 

  • Gone from making under 10 million dollars per year to 80 million.
  • Tripled their customer base.
  • Scaled ad spend from 20 thousand per month to 500 thousand. Profitably.

This CXL Feature will cover:

Growth is simpler than you think.

Many businesses overcomplicate their marketing by trying too many things, especially early on.

Avoid falling into “Shiny Object Syndrome”.

When it boils down to the 80/20 of growth, there is only one channel that will fuel your business through 20, 30, 40 million, and beyond.

This course will walk you through finding the right one for your business, the impact pricing has on the choice of channel, and methodical testing in different channels.

Profit-first performance marketing methodology

Most businesses can’t scale their ad spend profitably or spend within the guardrails of success confidently.

Knowing your numbers and unit economics will determine if you can be more aggressive or conservative with your growth acquisition strategy. 

This course will teach you the paid ads playbook AppSumo used to scale their ad spend from under 20 thousand dollars per month to over half a million dollars per month profitably.

Take control back through your own data

Data is the only truth in business. It gives you power and control to decide where you want to grow and how fast you want to grow.

As the world pushes for stricter privacy policies 3rd-party cookies come under scrutiny. Getting a good handle on storing and understanding your own data can set you up to accelerate your growth.

The easiest way is to start by collecting click data from UTMs on all your campaigns, collecting first-party data through server tracking, and storing data in cloud servers.

Nick Christensen

Head of Marketing at AppSumo
Nick has been in digital marketing for over 15 years, as a founder and consultant. 7 years ago he joined AppSumo as a paid ads contractor. Now, Nick runs the marketing team consisting of 20 people and 30 contractors.

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