The Testing Strategies course is part of the Conversion Optimization minidegree.

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Top 1% conversion optimization experts get paid the most and work on their own terms. This CRO certification training program will turn you into one.
  • Learn to build and run world-class optimization programs
  • Master everything there is to master about A/B testing
  • Immediately apply learnings with hundreds of playbooks
  • Get certified to progress in your career
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Taught by top 1% conversion experts from companies like Speero, Convoy and CXL.

Start getting more and bigger wins

Getting results you want with conversion optimization and experimentation is all about knowing what to do. It’s a field where you need to know a lot about a lot, and this program contains it all.

After completing it you will

  • improve your skills in conversion optimization, UX, and web analytics,
  • understand what works on websites, and what doesn’t,
  • develop better A/B tests that win more often.

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What is a Minidegree program?

Course is a puzzle piece. Minidegree is the whole puzzle. It’s a complete training program that teaches you everything from A to Z and takes you on a path towards becoming the top 1% marketer.

All of our instructors are hand-picked and carefully vetted. Our approach is straightforward – every instructor needs to be the absolute best in the world at what they do.

Change your results with world-class conversion optimization training

The Conversion Optimization Minidegree by CXL will teach you the methodologies and processes needed to get more wins and bigger wins.

You will develop in-depth knowledge in conversion optimization (driving growth without spending more) and learn processes that you can replicate across any web property.

Access to expert takeaways + guidance can be a game changer when you’re wading through the sea of unreliable and inaccurate information out there.

You shouldn’t be operating without this kind of help.

A program designed to develop true professionals

This in-depth conversion optimization training program will help you become a top conversion optimizer. The skills you gain will benefit you for years to come. You’ll learn how top conversion rate experts in the world approach conversion optimization.

This program will teach you the methodology, tools, and the mindset needed to become a successful optimizer – and make any website sell.

Learn a systematic, repeatable process

True conversion optimization is not about guesswork or running random tests. It’s a process. It’s what separates wannabes from conversion pros. Amateurs think in terms of tactics, while the pros uncover the real issues by following a proven methodology.

After this program, you’ll be able to systematically identify all the places where a website is leaking money, figure out exactly why, create data-backed hypotheses, run tests for learning, and improve your customer theory.

Unique content you won’t find anywhere else

Conversion Optimization Minidegree is the only advanced level CRO training program in the world.

Internet is full of superficial level content on this. More and more junk information is popping up on blogs and places. The best way to learn is from practitioners who’ve been doing this for years and years. We’ve got the best names in the industry to teach you this stuff.

Jeff B.

The curriculum was extremely diverse and comprehensive. It covered all aspects of Conversion Optimization from analytics, to behavior research, psychology, test setup, statistics, etc.

You can dive deep into areas you are not expert in, and bolster other areas you are already strong in.

Winston C.

Once I got into the actual courses, I realized that this was indeed going to be the serious content I was expecting.

Suffice it to say that I’m taking notes.

Steph L.

The most practical and relevant CRO course I have found.
They give you loads of extra materials, guides and templates to work from. Every course is run by a specialist in that field so its relevant to the times.

Will Gray

The Maximizing Audiences for PPC was f*cking excellent!!! I watched the videos many times and recently used some of their tactics and it’s working! CXL ain’t nuttin’ but the truth.

Brandon V.

CXL gave my team the tools to create and run a successful growth team. We were running tests without any thought behind them.

I now have the methodology to be more successful in my day-to-day tasks, and to further my career.


Jonathan R.

CXL showed me how to go from no optimization program to a fully matured program, and how to handle all the nuances that pop up along the way.

Radvilas Š.

Anyone interested in genuinely understanding the math behind CRO and A/B testing absolutely has to use CXL.

My whole team has a great time discussing the material and aligning our views on processes we use, and to come up with ideas to implement in the future.

Bill Angelos

The CRO Minidegree was great.

I previously took the CRO certification from Digital Marketer, and holy crap was I not prepared for how little I knew about CRO before enrolling in CXL’s CRO Minidegree.

I thought I learned a lot, but when I saw what CXL offered vs what they had… it was clear to me that what I thought was a pretty decent course was really something that just covered the tip of what your program touched on.

John O.

This platform truly helped develop my career.

I went from specialist to Head of CRO in 7 months. Many “right timed events”, I agree, but CXL made me confident.

The hours that I spent covering all the lessons were more than enough to avoid imposter syndrome. I was ready when I needed to be.

Josh R.

CXL has lead to more professional growth than any other year of my life. The best educational investment I have ever made.

4 cumulative tracks of videos & study material – designed to make you better at CRO.

Minidegrees are collections of individual courses, grouped together around a theme. Conversion Optimization Minidegree is designed to give you advanced-level skills in conversion optimization.

Plan and Process

Learn about why we test, the differences between CRO and Experimentation and the components and language of AB testing programs.
Grow your Experimentation Maturity, get stakeholder buy-in and build a Culture of Experimentation.
Get larger experimentation wins, more team engagement, and more management buy-in for your experimentation program.
Learn how to start, build and grow and streamline your CRO agency.

Assess and Integrate

How to run and triangulate qualitative and quantitative research methods to inform your experimentation efforts.
Learn how to audit and debug Google Analytics 4 and improve your implementations.
Learn how to become truly customer-centric.
Find massive conversion opportunities faster than ever.

Test and Learn

Learn how to run statistically valid A/B test and what to test at an introductory level.
Learn to leverage your traffic volume for greater ROI, and maximize potential by testing the most impactful aspects of your site.
Add a growth lever by demystifying SEO testing in simple terms. Give your content marketing program a unique competitive advantage in high-competition SERP environments
Master statistical hypothesis testing for optimized A/B tests, informed decision-making, and precise results interpretation.
Start making more money with your online experiments
Overview of the statistical concepts that every marketer and optimizer should know.
This course will help you decide when to run what kind of tests.
CRO good practices to start with.

Decide and Act

Understanding how people work, so you could convert them.
Learn how to optimize landing pages through practical lessons full of actionable insights and tips that you can use in your work right away.
Stop letting amateur copy wipe out your conversions
Set up and apply personalization to improve conversions across the customer lifecycle.

How long will it take me to complete this Minidegree?

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many hours per week you can put in. If you have 2-4 hrs / week available for learning, it might take you around 6 months. If you can do 10-15 hrs / week, you can knock it out in 3 months.

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Conversion Optimization Minidegree: FAQ

This Minidegree is the most complete conversion optimization training program you can find created by top 1% experts.

Here’s all the info you need before starting:

What will you learn?

After taking this training, you will:

  • Learn to build and run world-class optimization programs
  • Master everything there is to master about A/B testing
  • Immediately apply learnings with hundreds of playbooks
  • Get certified and hired with our help

What is a Minidegree program?

If a course is a puzzle piece, the Minidegree is the whole puzzle. It’s a complete training program that teaches you everything from A to Z and takes you on a path towards becoming the top 1% marketer.

All of our instructors are hand-picked and carefully vetted. Our approach is straightforward – every instructor needs to be the absolute best in the world at what they do.

What does this training include?

Our Conversion Optimization training includes 5 tracks, 20 courses, 58h 28min of video material, several assignments, and a final exam.

Do you add new courses to the minidegrees? How often are the minidegree courses updated?

Minidegrees come bundled with a predefined set of courses, and you purchase them as they are. Only our All-Access subscription grants exclusive access to updated versions of specific courses as well as new courses.

Are subtitles available for the lessons?

Lessons have English subtitles and transcriptions available.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After taking this Minidegree, you will receive the Conversion Optimization Certification from CXL, with credentials that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What is the refund policy?

All plans come with a 7-day refund period .

How long will it take for me to finish it?

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many study hours per week you can put in. This training program is 58h 28min long.