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Conversion Optimization for the Enterprise

How to build a World Class Optimization Program

Welcome to the Ivy League of conversion rate optimization. Let the top minds in conversion optimization teach you how to build and manage a testing program that drives consistent and impressive revenue.

Today’s top CRO experts have come together to teach you how to build a world class optimization program and tackle some of the toughest optimization challenges out there…step-by-step.

Conversion optimization is a process. This email course will teach you the process you need to boost your conversion rate, increase revenue, and show consistent results. The end goal is that your team will reach a higher salience in the organization and will bring an experimentation mindset to the culture.

In this 100% free email course, you’ll get field-tested, actionable advice from real practitioners. You’ll be able to take these insights and apply them directly to your business.

World Class Teachers

Ronny Kohavi, Microsoft

Matt Gershoff, Conductrics

Adam Avramescu, Optimizely

Judah Phillips, Smart Current

Andrew Anderson, Recovery Brands

Peep Laja, CXL

Erik Johnson, Morningstar

Merritt Aho, Dun & Bradstreet

Ryan Farley, LawnStarter

Alex Birkett, CXL

10 Insight-Packed Lessons Packed with Actionable CRO Wisdom

E-mail Topic Teacher
1 Introduction: What Can CRO do for your business? Adam Avramescu
2 4 Organizational Tactics to Build a Culture of Optimization Andrew Anderson
3 Getting Organizational Buy-In for Optimization Erik Johnson
4 Building Your Optimization Tech Stack Alex Birkett
5 How to Build an Optimization Team Merritt Aho
6 Advanced Analytics for Optimization Judah Phillips
7 Planning and Prioritizing Experiments Peep Laja
8 Advanced Topics in A/B Testing Ron Kohavi
9 Personalization at Scale Matt Gershoff
10 Communicating Results to Stakeholders Ryan Farley
11 Summary, and What to Do Next Peep Laja

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