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Become great at product marketing content

Build your brand’s reputation and engage audiences throughout the buying journey through product marketing content.

Course length: 3h 10min

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Stephen Kane

Product Marketing Director @ Vanguard

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After taking this course you’ll…

  • Understand the five ceremonies of Agile Marketing and how each contributes to more efficient and flexible, outcome-driven product content.
  • Apply a strategic mindset and ruthless prioritization of your content output by introducing new priority frameworks to your planning toolkit.
  • Learn what a win/loss analysis is, and how having one in place will prevent you and your marketing and sales team from losing winnable deals with your content.
  • Translate your product’s features into human-centered benefits that resolves pain points by utilizing a value proposition canvas.

This course is essential for you if…

  • You want to evolve from an execution content culture toward more of a craftsmanship content culture connected to your brand’s product strategy.
  • You struggle to prioritize all of the content work that is being asked of you and your team. Work on the right stuff and learn how you can credibly say, “no”
  • You find yourself wondering how you can make your product marketing content more human-centered and address your client’s pain points head on.

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You are only concentrated on creating outputs. Shifting your mindset from outputs to outcomes will enable you to build more client-centric content aligned with your brand’s product strategy.
  • You aren’t focused on driving revenue. This course will elevate your strategic mindset and help you align you and your team’s content production work to revenue-generating activities.
  • You aren’t willing to introduce new ways of working into your workplace. Transforming your team’s working style into Agile Marketing involves buy-in from your critical partners and colleagues, as well as introducing new processes and workflows.

Stephen Kane

Product Marketing Director @ Vanguard

Stephen Kane is a Director of Product Marketing at Vanguard, one of the most trusted and loved brands in investment and wealth management. He has extensive experience establishing functional vision and game-changing, data-driven marketing strategies as well as building Product Marketing teams across B2B and B2C from the ground up.

Your course curriculum

Product marketing content

1 Taking an Agile approach to Product Content Development

Think Agile scrum is just for software development? You’d be surprised. Here’s how to apply the best of Agile in marketing your product’s content.

Topics covered:

  • What an Agile content team does and how they operate
  • Understanding the five ceremonies of Agile Marketing and how each contributes to more efficient and flexible, outcome-driven product content.
  • Avoid these four common pitfalls when applying Agile to marketing.

2 Tips for prioritizing product marketing content

You’ll manage no shortage of demands from stakeholders on where to focus your time with your product’s content. Here are a few ways to avoid content burnout, impress your partners with a strategic mindset, and make it easier to say “no!”

Topics covered:

  • Learn why and how to focus on outcomes over output.
  • Practice using five frameworks to prioritize your work so you can determine what is most essential, build consensus, and elevate your strategic mindset.
  • Adopt your inner 3-year-old. Get comfortable at saying “no!”

3 Closing the sale with product content

From demos to case studies, you have a toolkit of product content tactics at your disposal. It’s your job to use them to move your audience down funnel. Here are the common sales-enabling approaches to help drive revenue.

Topics covered:

  • Understand the use case of revenue-driving content tactics you can leverage to draw your audience in.
  • 4 Tips for making your product’s content difficult for your audience to say “no” to.
  • How to leverage win/loss analysis to make your content better.

4 What content should be on my website?

Your company’s website is arguably the most critical reflection of your product’s story. Learn how product marketers typically spend their time managing this digital asset’s content.

Topics covered:

  • Recognize how your content needs to adapt for your website.
  • Learn the questions you should be asking your data science team to review your content’s performance.
  • Understand how your role in this discipline can shift based on company’s size and tenure.

5 Product Centric vs Customer Centric Content

How do you create both product-centric and customer-centric content? Failure to connect solutions across the buyer’s journey can lead to missed opportunities to move your customers down funnel. But there is a risk if you’re too product-heavy. Find out how to successfully develop content with balancing both your product and customer in mind.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how to start building content based on buyer personas.
  • How to translate your product’s features into human-centered benefits that resolves pain points.
  • Why starting from the end and and working backward might innovate your thinking.

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