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Become great at Branding

Discover the formula to develop a brand that attracts customers effortlessly

Online course:


By Flavilla Fongang,

Branding, Neuromarketing & Social Selling Course Instructor @ 3 Colours Rule

Course length: 1h 25min

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Why your brand is your most valuable long-term asset

The best product isn’t the key to dominating your market.

The strongest brand dominates.

In a crowded market, prospects have plenty of options that meet their rational needs.

And as your market matures, differentiating your product gets harder and harder. Features and services that once delighted customers become standard.

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  • Learn the pillars of effective brand positioning

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Yesterday’s innovation is tomorrow’s commodity.

To win your market, you need to move beyond your product. Beyond your prospects’ rational needs.

You need to develop a brand that forms an emotional connection.

Which is exactly what you’ll learn to do in this course.

Soon you’ll have the skills to create a winning brand strategy, stay relevant through market evolution and increase the lifetime value of your customers. All with a proven, repeatable formula.

After taking this course, you’ll…

  • Create a winning brand strategy that aligns with the ultimate desires of your dream clients
  • Position your company as the obvious choice for your prospects
  • Develop a memorable brand personality and effective messaging
  • Form a strong, credible brand identity that attracts, engages and sticks with your prospects
  • Develop an effective brand ecosystem to increase client loyalty and lifetime value

Skills you will master

Brand positioningBrand identityBrand messagingBrandingBrand building

Marek Koprowski

Lots of foundational knowledge, and just the right timing with my current responsibilities in a company that I work for with the rebranding project.

Finally, a way to learn branding that doesn’t disappoint

Most books and resources on branding are a huge letdown:

  • 300 pages of content that could be reduced to a single paragraph
  • Overly simplistic, inactionable advice
  • And worst of all, outdated examples with no relevance to your business

Not this course.

This course cuts straight to what’s important with actionable steps and relevant examples.

So you can develop a brand that attracts ideal clients, improves the effectiveness of your campaigns and thrives as your market evolves.

Learn to develop a winning brand strategy in 6 lessons:

1) Brand DNA: See how the most successful brands have used the brand DNA formula to scale nationally and internationally.

2) Brand soul: Learn the importance of having a brand vision and how to define your mission statement.

3) Brand positioning: Discover how to position your brand effectively to distinguish your business in a competitive market.

4) Brand messaging: Learn to create engaging brand messaging and brand experience through storytelling, personality and copywriting.

5) Brand identity: Learn how to choose logos, colors and fonts that align with your brand positioning and resonate with your prospects.

6) The magic of “Going Beyond”: Discover a unique approach to create a community of loyal clients and expand their lifetime value.

When you get your brand right, everything else gets easier

When you have a strong brand, you don’t need to have the best product. Just think about Starbucks: They may not have the best coffee in town, but they do have the longest lines.

With a strong brand, you don’t need to panic when competitors copy you.

They can copy your product, sure. But not your brand.

In other words, a strong brand can thrive through competitive challenges that put other brands out of business.

Once you’ve become a better brand strategist and applied this course’s lessons, the benefits — big and small — will ripple throughout your organization:

On a tangible level…

…your campaigns will become more effective with lower acquisition costs, shorter sales cycles and higher customer lifetime value.

On a not-so-tangible level…

…you’ll watch your team become more motivated as they work under a shared vision that they’re proud to be a part of. And eventually, your company will attract better talent.

Whether you want to expand internationally, or just want to increase your market share, this course will give you a complete formula to make it happen.

This course is essential for you if …

  • You work in a B2C or B2B organization with average deal sizes of $10K and above
  • You’re a CEO, CMO, or marketer who wants to grow your business value, attract bigger deals, reduce acquisition costs, shorten your sales cycle, attract high-value clients and develop a stronger company culture
  • You want to improve your branding skills and learn new, effective marketing strategies

This course is NOT for you if…

  • If you’re in a B2B with an average deal size much lower than $10K
  • You are not looking to grow your business you represent
  • You don’t have time to implement new brand and marketing strategies to grow the company

Skills you should have before taking this course

The course is for beginners and advanced marketers alike.

Whether you’ve read every book on branding, or this is your introduction to the topic, you’ll be a better brand strategist after taking this course.

Flavilla Fongang

Branding, Neuromarketing & Social Selling Course Instructor @ 3 Colours Rule

Flavilla Fongang is the founder of the award-winning branding and marketing agency 3 Colours Rule.

When she’s not advising brands such as BBC, Flavilla gives keynote speeches, hosts the podcast Tech Brains Talk, and leads Tech London Advocates – Black Women in Tech.

Mercedes Benz gave Flavilla the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award and Linkedin named her as one of the most influential businesswomen.

Course overview

Your full course curriculum


1 Brand DNA: The foundation for creating iconic brands

Become great at Branding Discover the formula to develop a brand that attracts customers effortlessly Online course: Branding By Flavilla Fongang, Branding, Neuromarketing & Social Selling Course Instructor @ 3 Colours Rule Course length: 1h

Discover how the most successful brands have used the brand DNA formula to scale nationally and internationally.

2 Brand soul: The importance of brand purpose, vision and mission

See how a clear definition of your brand vision, purpose and mission helps you grow your advocates. Discover how to create an emotional connection between your brand and your stakeholders.

Topics covered:

  • Learn how to effectively develop the foundation of a brand that attracts and retains customers and stakeholders
  • Understand the difference between purpose, vision and mission and the importance of each

3 Brand positioning: Distinguish your business in a competitive market

Discover the keys to differentiating your brand from the rest of your market. Learn strategies to choose your ideal position while staying relevant to your customers and other stakeholders.

Topics covered:

  • Learn to position your brand so it’s effectively distinguished from the competition
  • Discover the best positioning to choose to engage more prospects than your competitors
  • Find the sweet spot between differentiation and customer need relevance

4 Brand messaging: Create an engaging brand narrative and experience

Discover how to create a compelling, authentic brand story that resonates with all your stakeholders. And discover how to create a stronger company culture through brand.

Topics covered:

  • Create a memorable and attractive brand story that people love
  • Develop a brand culture that resonates with external and internal stakeholders
  • Create messaging that connects with all your stakeholders

5 Brand identity: How to align with brand positioning to develop a brand

Discover how to choose logos, symbols, colors and fonts that align with your positioning and resonate with your target audience.

Topics covered:

  • Understand how to conceptualize a memorable and attractive brand logo that people love
  • Learn the psychology behind colors so you can make smarter decisions when rebranding or creating a new brand
  • Discover the psychology behind fonts so your brand identity stays aligned down to the details

6 Go Beyond approach: Create a community of loyal clients and expand the lifetime value of each client

This unorthodox approach to brand and client relationship will revolutionize the way you do your marketing. Learn the meaning of “going beyond” and apply it effectively to extend the lifetime value of your clients.

Topics covered:

  • Improve your brand value and reduce acquisition costs through a deeper understanding of your customer’s ultimate goals
  • Create a brand experience that transforms customers into loyal brand advocates
  • Improve the lifetime value of your client while minimizing your marketing budget

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Learn Branding: FAQ

What will you learn in this course?

After taking this course you’ll…

  • Understand the four core brand measurement concepts, what they tell you about wider brand performance, and how to pick the right metrics for your organisation to ensure your brand tracking is always actionable.
  • Explore some of the tools available on the market for social listening, market research and website measurement, and how these tools can be used to pull together brand metrics.
  • Infer strategy implications from brand metrics, and appreciate how they can guide improvements to marketing investments.

What does the course include?

Our Branding training includes 7 lessons, 1h 25min of video material, several assignments, and a final exam.

Are subtitles available for the lessons?

Lessons have English subtitles and transcriptions available.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After taking this course, you will receive the Branding Certification from CXL, with credentials that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What is the refund policy?

All plans come with a 7-day refund period .

How long will it take for me to finish it

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many study hours per week you can put in. This course is 1h 25min long.