Welcome to the Ivy League of conversion rate optimization.

Let the top conversion optimization minds teach you how to double your conversion rate.

This expert guide will help you…

  • Increase conversions with persuasive copy and UX / design.
  • Grow your email list and send more strategic emails.
  • Setup Google Analytics to measure the right stuff and gather insights.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to run smarter A/B tests.
  • Create a systematic, repeatable conversion rate optimization process.

Today’s top CRO experts have come together to teach you how to double your conversion rate.

You’ll get field-tested, actionable advice from real practitioners.

You’ll be able to take these insights and apply them directly to your business.

Conversion research

Stop worrying about what is ‘a good conversion rate’.
Work to improve whatever you have.

— Peep Laja


Table of Contents

This guide on conversion rate optimization is for people new to it. It’s also important to note right off the bat: we’re not really optimizing for conversion RATE, but business growth.

If higher conversion rate would be our sole objective, we could lower all our prices to $0.01 – conversion rate would go instantly up, but we would go out of business. It’s important to realize that in the end it’s just a helpful metric. Our main goal is to grow the business, acquire customers faster and cheaper.

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