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Become a technical marketer

More and more marketing is implemented through technology. You must be the driver of marketing technology, not merely a concerned passenger. But if you don’t have technical depth, how can you navigate?

Take the Technical Marketer Minidegree and you’ll: 

  • Gain a complete picture and technical foundation of the most relevant areas in digital marketing. 
  • Confidently talk shop across multiple technical disciplines with your team and in workflows. 
  • Be able to implement, track, and properly show results.
  • We’ll help you get a job once you graduate.
Simo Ahava

Co-Founder @ Simmer Oy

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“I’m just not technical” can be a defense mechanism

What is a Minidegree program?

A Minidegree is a curation of self-paced video courses organized by topics (tracks), so you can learn at a speed that suits your schedule. With optional assignments to apply what you learned.

When you preface your decisions with “I’m a non-technical marketer”, it just gives yourself an out. Just in case you got a technical part wrong.

A lot of this is fed by the ideas of the single job title: Your title is marketer. Which means you’re not a developer and don’t set foot in that world.

It’s also fed by technical management software — which is designed to remove the technical aspect so you won’t ever have to talk to a developer. Everything is streamlined to a button push.

The problem with that? When you’ve learned enough to do more, your hands are tied.

The software might not have the ‘power user’ interface to give you the control you need when you’re ready.

More and more marketing is implemented through technology

Being coddled by make-it-easy software — and never wading into areas that seem too technical — means you don’t develop your skills. That needs to stop.

Technology plays an ever-increasing part in marketing. Ok, so you’re a marketer who is not technical yet. No zaps, no CDPs, no APIs. That’s fine for now. But won’t be for long.

Choose a path where you can enhance your technological aptitude. When you don’t “get” something at first, it’s time to get curious instead of becoming afraid. Seek mastery, not comfort.

Not moving forward means being left behind.

Marketing is getting harder. More fun, but harder.

One of the reasons it’s getting harder is because of the growing number of technology decisions marketers must struggle with. 

Marketers have more application and platform decisions to make than ever. These decisions have significant consequences. 

In order to make the right decisions, you need to have a level of technical expertise.

If you’re in digital, you’re already technical.

Being a non-technical marketer is a misnomer. Data and analytics are at the heart of every single thing we do in digital. That means you’re technical.

It might be a surprise if you haven’t thought this way before.

What you heard from everyone is there’s a ‘unicorn’ marketer with technical mastery  — something unattainable by mere mortals, so don’t even try.

Then this gets reinforced by tools, bloggers, and conferences. They say it’s okay if you don’t understand the technical part that drives your whole industry.

You get reinforcement that not knowing this stuff is fine.

The reality is this: if you’re the kind of person who wants to learn just a little bit more, you already have the skills to learn the technical side.

The Technical Marketer Minidegree is designed to give you a foundational understanding of all the technical disciplines needed to be a digital marketer today.

Matt R.

Anyone would benefit from CXL, and that goes from interns up to CEOs. That’s really been the case in our company. After their training sessions you’re fully equipped… you can go off and implement your learnings straight away.

54h 09min (and counting) of videos & study material – designed to bridge the gap between marketing and development

There was no one better to design this course than Simo Ahava.

Simo Ahava is one of the leading voices on bridging the marketing and data divide.

He’s a recognized Google Developer Expert, Partner and Senior Data Advocate at 8-bit-sheep, and regularly sought for his development advice for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Simo has always been a major advocate of the multidisciplinary team and breaking down the silos.

Simo designed the entire minidegree. He recommended the world’s top experts for each individual course topic. We’ve spent the year sourcing Simo’s recommendations and producing these courses to bring it to you.

1 The Technical Marketing Minidegree

The opening track is a welcome video from Simo Ahava. Join him as he explains the journey of this minidegree.

2 The Web Browser

In this track, you will learn about the web browser, and what happens when you type a URL into the address bar of the browser and press the enter key. This is a fundamental part of the minidegree, as much of what we do in digital marketing happens in or around the web browser.

The Web Browser

The Web Browser

Learn about the different components that make up web browsers.

Learn about the web browser, and what happens when you type a URL into the address bar of the browser and press the enter key. Much of what we do in digital marketing happens in or around the web browser.

3 Technical Analytics & SEO

Digital analytics and tag management are certainly technical topics, even if their use is primarily for business and marketing analysis. Implementing these tools is not always trivial, as they are typically JavaScript libraries that rely on a functioning and well-formed front-end setup.

Search Engine Optimization has been a cornerstone of digital marketing ever since the emergence of search as the primary channel for organic growth. Even though much of good SEO practices revolve around building content and campaigns, the technical fundamentals of SEO are absolutely vital to understand to allow content to be indexed and available for querying.

Data collection on the web

Data collection on the web

Learn the fundamentals of web data collection

Introduction to the fundamentals of data collection on the web.

Tag managers | Analytics | Data visualization

Tag managers

Tag managers

What is a “tag manager” and why you should be using one

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

Understand the differences & unique challenges of mobile analytics

App & Web | Analytics

Data extraction

Data extraction

Get to know the basics of popular data tools and learn how to extract data from them.

API | Data extraction | Google Sheets | BigQuery

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Outrank your competition with Technical SEO

Audit your site and learn the foundations of site structure, JavaScript, and structured data that massively impact search ranking.

SEO | search | crawlers | linking

Automation with Apps script

Automation with Apps script

Learn by example and by building mini applications to automate your daily workflow

Learn by example and by building mini applications to automate your daily workflow. This course focuses on practical skills and touch on theory when it is required.

automation | apps script | api | google sheets | javascript

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Learn everything you need to get started with GA4.

This course will teach you everything you need to get started with GA4 properties by providing hands-on experience.

4 A/B Testing

A/B testing and experimentation in general are useful processes for establishing the relationship between user experience, development, and value for end users when working with web design. Even though much of experimentation relies on hypothesis design and analysis, there is an implementation component to A/B testing and personalization that very firmly places them in the technical realm.

A/B testing mastery

A/B testing mastery

Start making more money with your online experiments

Understand testing approaches that work (and pitfalls that don’t) to get more wins and insights from optimization efforts.

running experiments | customer base studies | prioritization

5 Programming

Working with programming languages is, naturally, a fundamental part of any technical endeavor in digital marketing. Whether it be writing implementation scripts in JavaScript for analytics tools, or SQL queries for data mining, or Python scripts for automating manual tasks, understanding how code can be used to control the operations of a computer is instrumental in opening up the world of technical marketing as well.

Python for marketers

Python for marketers

Be the marketer who can code and build your data sets, automation tasks or visualizations using Python.

Learn how Python can be used on Data science, Websites and scripts to automate some of the marketers tasks.

python | programming | technical marketing

R for marketers

R for marketers

Introduction to R and the powerful tools it provides

Learn how to gain insights from data using R.

R | data visualization | data-driven marketing



Coming early 2021

SQL for marketers

SQL for marketers

Learn the basics of SQL, installing SQL tool to help connect to databases, and details to retrieve, edit and create data.

SQL | programming | technical marketing

6 Cloud computing

The emergence of the cloud platform as a cheap, almost infinitely scalable foundation for computation has been a major paradigm shift in how work can be done more efficiently in the digital world. Utilizing cloud components, virtual machines, and APIs allow you to perform tasks faster, better, and with more consistent throughput than if you’d do the same things manually.

Cloud computing concepts

Cloud computing concepts

Learn concepts that are often rarely covered but critical in developing and maintaining reliable code.

This course introduces some foundations around important concepts in computing including programming, testing and version control



Explore and understand the how, why and what of APIs – or Application Programmable Interfaces

API Applications

API Applications

The practical groundwork of building an application using Apps Script to export information from Google Tag Manager to a spreadsheet to make it easier to find, search and list information from a GTM container

A hands on practical introduction to developing API applications using Google Apps Script

Cloud services

Cloud services

Begin to understand the breadth of the cloud and Google Cloud platform and how to get started

A theoretical and practical introduction to building an API application using a variety of different Google Cloud services

Google cloud | Virtual machines | Docker

7 Data engineering

Google BigQuery is a scalable, serverless data warehouse specifically designed for storage of large quantities of data that also require short query times for complex analysis. With integrations to other cloud components, BigQuery can quickly become your go-to tool for all data mining and processing on the Google Cloud Platform.



Learn to automate insightful reports with Google’s lightning-fast analytics data warehouse.

Learn to automate insightful reports with Google’s lightning-fast analytics data warehouse.

analytics | automated reporting

8 Data science

What is the purpose of having petabytes of data without the ability to sift through that data, and to make it useful beyond the sum of its individual rows? Enter data science. By algorithmically modeling data stored in e.g. BigQuery, you can utilize it in ways that go beyond the scope of what you initially collected the data for. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become ubiquitous concepts in digital marketing as well. In this class you’ll learn to look beyond the hype at the actual utility of algorithms in your data mining work.

Intermediate statistics

Intermediate statistics

Increase statistical capability and accuracy with Intermediate Statistics

Machine learning fundamentals

Machine learning fundamentals

Apply machine learning with an improved understanding and appreciation with Machine Learning Fundamentals.

Apply machine learning with an improved understanding and appreciation with Machine Learning Fundamentals

Machine learning applications

Machine learning applications

Learn how to create machine learning applications, by focusing on the problem solving process rather than languages or tools.

Improve the capability to perform machine learning efficiently using a variety of tools with Machine Learning Applications

9 Data visualization

Once you’ve built your hypotheses, collected your data, and designed your preliminary analyses, you still need a way to present the findings. Data visualization is not just about crafting pretty reports – it’s a paradigm for making data more accessible, and for building and designing the tools required to make data part and parcel of each aspect of the organization that could benefit from being informed by data.

Data presentation and visualization

Data presentation and visualization

Learn how to present data to change minds and facilitate action.

Drive stakeholders to take action with the results of your reports and analyses

data reports | sparklines | charts | presentation

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Learn to create impressive, time-saving reports with Data Studio

Learn to create more insightful reports and save time in the process with Data Studio.

reporting | analytics | CASE formulas | visualization

10 Marketing automation

Even though much of what you learn about “technical marketing” is tool- and platform-agnostic, it’s useful to identify solutions that help carry the concept across a multitude of different applications in the technical marketer’s realm. Supermetrics is one such solution. Its use cases span across every single track discussed in this course, and thus it’s a great way to bring together everything you’ve learned into practical applications.

Optimizing your marketing tech stack

Optimizing your marketing tech stack

Make all your marketing tools play together to make more money

Effective marketing strategies depend on a reliable marketing tech stack. Learn how to choose and implement the right tools for your business.

automation | marketing tools | analysis |

Supermetrics for marketers

Supermetrics for marketers

Learn Supermetrics’ products to combine data from different sources together and create in-depth reports to uncover actionable insights.

reporting automation | marketing reports

11 Outro

However, you might still have doubts about the skills and tools you need to properly navigate this realm. That is why this minidegree was designed – it’s an overview of what being a technical marketer means, and it will help you identify the skill gaps you might have in your own choice of career.

12 Final exam – Technical marketing

Final exam – Technical Marketing

Complete all the courses and take the final exam to earn your technical marketing certificate.

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