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Become great at Attribution

Attribution makes your marketing work

Online course

By Russell McAthy,

CEO and Co-Founder @ Ringside Data

Course length: 1h 54min

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Businesses have a lot of marketing data but are not getting enough value from it. This course will help the students understand what data they have and how to understand consumer behavior to drive value for organizations moving forward.

This course will guide the student to what data they could/should have, how they get value from the data, what attribution is, how to communicate and use attribution to get business value.

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  • Learn how to get attribution right

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After taking this course, you’ll…

  • Identify the nuances of attribution across different marketing channels.
  • Know the pros and cons of different attribution model types and how businesses use them
  • Gain an understanding of all the possible data sources that are required and can be used to do attribution.
  • Understand your customers in the context of how you run your business.
  • Know which data questions to ask, whether internally or with vendors.

Here’s what Russell will teach you…

Attribution is about understanding TRUE consumer behavior.

Attribution is more than just a buzzword – it needs to become the way you do business, understand performance, manage campaigns and workloads. Attribution in short is understanding consumers so that we make smarter decisions.

Attribution is a discipline. Econsultancy reported in 2018 that less than a one third of businesses are using a defined attribution business model and that 43% of companies claim “measuring ROI” as a top marketing challenge. Attribution’s challenges go beyond digital. Russell will use real world offline examples to illustrate how attribution is tied between the offline and online experience. Both B2B and B2C examples and tacts are presented in this course.

Laura B.

The content is insightful, actionable and doable.

I appreciate the range of topics and the talent and expertise of the presenters. I’ve grown more as a marketer in the last several months than I had in years before.

Alex B.

CXL has helped me tremendously in my journey to become the best digital marketer I can be.

It has opened my eyes to the capabilities of tools like GTM and Google Sheets. You guys have humbled me by teaching me that there’s so much more to learn!

Ap S.

CXL is just the best place to grow for a marketer. I learned more in a few months via CXL than what I learned in 8, 9 months on my own.

This course is essential for you if …

  • You have no attribution strategy
  • are looking to make more informed business decisions
  • want to align attribution to your business goals for better ROI.

This course is NOT for you if…

  • all your marketing channels have clear attribution
  • you do not have a robust set of consumer data
  • are looking for vanity metrics

Russell McAthy

CEO and Co-Founder @ Ringside Data

Russell is a marketing data guy – having consulted or worked with some of the worlds largest brands he now is building the future of marketing tech whilst continuing his passions to change the way data is used my organisations all over the globe. Havin

Russell is a marketing data guy – having consulted or worked with some of the worlds largest brands he now is building the future of marketing tech whilst continuing his passions to change the way data is used my organisations all over the globe. Having run in-house, agencies, consultancies and his own tech businesses Russell has experience from working with startups to global enterprises

Course overview

Your full course curriculum


What is marketing attribution?

What attribution is and is not, in the context of marketing. Russell will explain the concept of conversion and why it is important in the overall theory. We’re going to align the theory of attribution to business goals through ROI and finally look at the difference in approach to attribution in B2B businesses and B2C businesses.

Attribution in the marketplace

Industry trends and regulations that have impacted the data required for attribution to be successful. Align the trends with stats that showcase the value and importance of attribution / data lead marketing for organisations.

Attribution – Not just Online

It’s not just a digital problem. I’ll show why it’s not just an online problem, the current solutions the offline world has and how attribution should tie the online and offline world together.

How to use Attribution

Attribution is not just another number on a report and it’s not analytics. Attribution shouldn’t be a part of your marketing, it should be the way you do marketing - the start, middle and end. I’m going to give some tactical examples of how attribution can be used and then how you can change a business strategically using outputs from attribution.

Do you need Attribution?

One of the first questions that is asked is “do I need attribution” - I’ll explain how to answer this using data within your organisation, and the questions you should be asking if you’re speaking to vendors about attribution.

Attribution Models

Here we’re going to cover all of the typical attribution models, their pros and cons, and how different businesses use them.

What Data is needed

Here we’ll cover all the possible data sources that are required and can be used to do attribution from analytics through to external marketing platforms.

Tactics – CRO

We’ll show how attribution can be used in the conversion rate optimization process to move away from the logic behind optimization for a single interaction.

Tactics – PPC

We’ll highlight some of the opportunities within pay per click to use attribution data to understand how PPC can impact the full consumer journey, not just the last interaction.

Tactics – SEO

SEO often plays second fiddle to the more easily attributable channels such as PPC and affiliates. In this section I’ll show you what impact SEO has on consumers in their decision making and how it drives performance through the whole customer journey.

Tactics – Display

Display typically is forced to use a different form of attribution that other marketing channels. When you’re buying and impression it’s exactly that - an impression. It’s not a click, for instance, which is what we would normally build our attribution around. Here I’ll show you can use the value of an impression to understand the influence display has on all marketing activity.

Tactics – Affiliates

Here we’ll break down the types of affiliates and how they affect the customer journey quite differently. The difference a cashback / voucher affiliate versus a content or edu affiliate has a huge impact on their attributed performance.

Tactics – Email

Understanding the value of not just the email click, but the email open without a click. This concept has a huge impact on returning customers who’ve previously converted. Here attribution is important to determine LTV of a customer.

Tactics – TV

Find out how to attribute TV ads to changes in your analytics.

Tactics – Direct mail

Attribution isn’t just for digital channels - when sending direct mail (brochures, flyers in boxes, etc) you can track down to an individual level the impact that just receiving the mail has.

Strategic Application – Customer Journey Analysis

Attribution gives a better understanding of the customer by looking at the relationship between marketing and impact. Here I’m going to explain what journey analysis is, what you can get out of it and what you can change to positively impact marketing performance.

Strategic application – Value of Brand

Marketers have always wanted to understand how much value is within their brand. This perception can and should change the approach to the overall marketing strategy. How does this perception of the brand change as you market to them through their life cycle?

Strategic Application – Life Time Value

In this section we’re going through the different calculations to understand LTV. This will cover not just the first purchase but how much revenue a customer could potentially bring the business over their lifetime.

Strategic Application – Customer Data – Individuals

One of the ways that attribution data can be collated is at an individual level. Here we’ll go through the different options available, PII, what data can be held and at what granularity.

Strategic Application – Value of Visitor

When a user engages with a brand the power is understanding the value of that person, at the time of their visit. We will show you how this can be used in CRO, personalization and bid optimization.

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