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Become great at influencer marketing

Online course:
Data-driven influencer marketing

By Siim Säinas,

Chief Researcher & Founder @ BrandHero

Course length: 3h 01min

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Influencer marketing works – but only if you do it right

It’s not unusual to see folks reporting 11x ROI on influencer marketing – but it’s only true for data-driven people.

Siim Säinas – the instructor for this course – is looking at campaigns and their effectiveness as his day job, whether it’s integrated or social only campaigns. He’s put hundreds of hours of work and research into figuring out the optimal, data-driven way to go about influencer marketing.

He will teach you data-driven influencer marketing planning, identification, measurement, and ways to get the best return on your investment.

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently deliver meaningful results for your brand and business.

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  • Learn the ins and outs of effective influencer marketing.

    In this lesson clip, we discuss the benefits of influencer marketing and how to track your ROI.

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This course solves your top challenges with influencer marketing

When it comes to influencer marketing, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered:

  • What do you need to known about influencer marketing to begin with? What are the ins and outs? 
  • How to identify true influencers? 
  • When should you engage them for your campaign and when it’s not really a good idea to do that to begin with? 
  • How do you properly plan your campaign? 
  • How do you drive metrics that actually convert direct response outcomes? 
  • How do you choose the best in terms of synergy and brand fit? 
  • How do you build lasting relationships? A lot of these influencers tend to be very transactional-driven, so how do you actually make sure that they stick around? 
  • How do you amplify their content? 
  • How do you measure your campaign results when everything has been done and dusted? 
  • And how do you really develop something always on, or something that kind of benefits UGC? 

All of these questions, and much more will be answered in this course.

After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Understand the influencer marketing landscape and know when influencers are a good fit
  • Learn how to plan well and avoid the common mistakes to maximize ROI
  • Be able to identify and choose the best influencers; the ones who can truly tell unique brand stories
  • Limit business risk through good compliance and amplify influencer assets to maximize reach
  • Measure influencer effectiveness for brand and direct response objectives to know whom to build long term relationships with

Marianne M.

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Learn processes for getting consistent results from leaders in the field.

This course is essential for you if …

  • You work in digital and social media marketing for a consumer brand or are preparing for a pitch.
  • You want to maximise your return on investment with influencer marketing.
  • You are a brand or agency marketer in pursuit of greater business results with influencers and creators.

This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Your audience is dominantly in Mainland China, where Social media platforms are unique and require a different course altogether.
  • You already conduct many influencer marketing campaigns. While this course shares some novel ideas, processes and data to seasoned influencer marketers, you might need additional lessons to fulfil your expectations.
  • You expect material results from the first campaign. It takes several iterations of campaigns to gain the understanding of what works best for your brand and business.

Siim Säinas

Chief Researcher & Founder @ BrandHero

10 years in Social with over 170 brands in more than 1,500 research and analytics projects. Worked with brands like Pepsi, Intel, H&M, VISA and Google. Work featured in New York Times. Established a method for WFA (World Federation of Advertisers)

10 years in Social with over 170 brands in more than 1,500 research and analytics projects. Worked with brands like Pepsi, Intel, H&M, VISA and Google. Work featured in New York Times. Established a method for WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) members to systematically build authentic consumer communities online. Pioneered a novel method how Social data is analysed till today by large agency networks in Omnicom and WPP. Member of ESOMAR.

Course overview

Your full course curriculum

Data-driven influencer marketing

Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Learn about how influencer marketing delivers value to businesses.

Lesson objectives:

  • What is influencer marketing
  • What has changed in marketing in the era of Social media
  • When not to do influencer marketing

Getting Started > Campaign Planning

Get started with your influencer marketing brief.

Lesson objectives:

  • Types of influencers
  • How to structure a great campaign brief
  • Walkthrough case study of a campaign brief

Social Media Measurement

The basics of how you approach Social Media measurement and set yourself up for a holistic framework.

Lesson objectives:

  • How to approach Paid, Owned and Earned Social
  • Social Media measurement for existing users
  • Social Media measurement for new users

Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Learn from some of the best influencer campaigns in the industry and why they delivered.

Lesson objectives:

  • How did Daniel Wellington grow from a 30K startup to a 228M company with influencer marketing
  • How Reebok established itself in a new category
  • 10 learnings from good campaigns in influencer marketing

Identifying Influencers

Learn to do data-driven influencer discovery and shortlisting.

Lesson objectives:

  • How to do data-driven influencer discovery
  • How to do data-driven influencer shortlisting
  • How to use an influencer discovery tool

Identifying Influencers > Synergy & Brand Fit

Learn how to add qualitative variables to your shortlist to evaluate Brand fit.

Lesson objectives:

  • Why influencers work with brands
  • Key qualitative variables to assess Brand fit
  • Learn how to avoid influencers who can jeopardise your brand

The Value Exchange

Learn how to develop long-term relationships with influencers.

Lesson objectives:

  • What do brands and influencers want
  • The value exchange journey
  • Learn to empower influencers with creative freedom

Compliance & Contracts

Learn about compliance and how to avoid risking your brand while working with influencers.

Lesson objectives:

  • How does compliance and non-compliance look like
  • What does the FTC and ASA prescribe about influencer marketing
  • Learn about the marketer's tasklist to be compliant

Amplifying Influencer Content

Learn how to achieve maximum reach and ROI from your influencer marketing efforts.

Lesson objectives:

  • Learn about the 2 options to achieve reach
  • Learn to use the Facebook's Branded Content Tool and Ad Manager for paid amplification
  • Learn about the limitations and opportunities of paid amplification

Measuring Influencer Campaigns

Learn how to measure and report on influencer marketing campaigns.

Lesson objectives:

  • How to measure influencer marketing campaigns
  • Learn about brand and direct response metrics
  • Use a short and concise way to report upon your campaign's success

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