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Want your company to pay for your training?

We did some legwork for you. Here’s an email template you can send to your manager.

Peep Laja
Founder @ CXL

Your manager should cover your CXL subscription. Customize this email template using the information gathered in your research.

Make sure to adapt it based on the tips below and the type of subscription you are interested in: personal or teams.

To: Your Manager

Subject: Advanced marketing training request
{please note you can introduce the topic you are most interested in in the subject i.e “Advanced product marketing training request}


Hey ____,

I would like some additional training to expand my skill set.

To hit our goals like {insert a top marketing priority i.e “to creating the right messaging that speaks to our ideal customers”}, I’m requesting that the company covers the cost associated with this: subscription to CXL.

I’ve researched several training options, and this meets our needs the best. They’re known for their advanced level of content.

The subscription includes access to 90+ courses, including {list relevant trainings}. The cost is: {Add the cost based on the type of subscription you’re interested in. Check the pricing here}

Thanks for considering. I strongly believe this will enable us to make progress with {insert desired outcome}.

Thank you,

Your name & signature

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