Applied neuromarketing [Online course]

Become great at neuromarketing

Increase your conversions by understanding how your customers’ brain works

Online course:
Applied Neuromarketing

By Andé Morys, CEO & Founder @ konversionsKRAFT

Course length: 4h 00min

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Increase your conversions by understanding how your customers’ brains work

To optimize conversion rates, you need to change buyer behavior. Learn how the human brain works and how to leverage that knowledge to increase sales.

This course is about more than just persuasion, cognitive biases and behavioral economics.

Watch the introduction video (1min)

In just 5 sessions, you’ll learn how to…

  • Be more effective: Understand how the signal processing in the brain works so your message really gets into the mind of your audience.
  • Control perception: You can control what and how the content of your websites and landing pages will be perceived.
  • Raise buying motivation: Understand the influence of emotions and fears of your audience to increase the motivation to buy of your users.

The limbic map was completely new to me and really changed the way I look at and implement my marketing efforts. Great course.

James Ryan, Owner of James Ryan Fitness

André knows how to explain in an easy, yet concise way, using good examples. I already knew quite a bit about neuromarketing and still found this course useful. It’s relatively short but gives a complete overview to total beginners as well as helping to deepen the knowledge to those who are already familiar with the topic. Time and money well invested!

Marjeta Kuralt, Product Owner @ ZenGuard GmbH

Most online marketers apply consumer psychology superficially – like a tactic that you can just copy and paste

But the human brain is too complex. It often doesn’t work to apply tactics without understanding the deeper mechanisms.

In this course, André will give you an overview how the human brain is hardwired and how to leverage that knowledge for more conversions.

André uses a lot of practical examples to showcase you the application of the knowledge. By attending the course, you will also have fun with tasks and interaction.

This course has shifted my understanding of subconscious decision making and made me a better optimiser. I can’t give better praise or thanks than that

Everton Rock, Conversion Optimization Specialist @ ConversionWorks

This course is right for you if…

  • You understand that a conversion is a result of a users behavior
  • You are generally interested in psychology and customer experience
  • You have already worked with psychological principles but maybe it didn’t work for you

This course is probably not for you if…

  • You think you understand your customers’ behavior by using Google Analytics
  • You think you need to do a lot of quick a/b tests instead of some really good ones
  • You think psychology is just some esotheric stuff for UX nerds.

It was an extremely beneficial course. It got me to think about marketing in a totally different way than what’s talked about in the mainstream blogs and communities, and was a very valuable course to take.

Eric Rohrback, Associate Director of Operations @ RedShift

Skills you should have before taking this course

The course is suitable for everyone, but it helps to have:

  • General understanding about usability / UX / CX
  • Experience in optimization
  • Experience in user research

About your instructor, André Morys

André has been an optimizer for more than 20 years and has been sharing his passion for optimization with others for nearly 10 years as an international keynote speaker, blogger and author.

André is co-founder of the Global Optimization Group, a network of leading optimization agencies across the world. He is also a university lecturer and recently received an award as Germany’s Best Employer out of hundreds of participants.

His own company konversionsKRAFT employs 75 conversion specialists and is regarded as one of the biggest CRO consultancies worldwide.

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Your full course curriculum

Applied neuromarketing

1 Brain fundamentals

Topics covered:

  • How the brain basically works
  • Why customers are not in control of their mind
  • Why neuromarketing should be part of the core business model

2 Control the attention

Most optimizers are familiar with clickmaps and heatmaps from mousetracking or eyetracking. But do you know what stimulus triggers the attention? The eyes are hardwired with the brain and as an optimizer you should know how to influence the customer’s behavior.

Topics covered:

  • People don’t control their attention rationally
  • Five proven ways to influence perception
  • Why perception is crucial for optimization success
  • How to implement it in your process

3 Emotional resonance

People buy what makes them a better version of themselves. According to neuromarketing studies, most behavior is influenced by a mechanism of preferences for certain values that is deeply implemented in the human brain.

Topics covered:

  • How the customer journey starts with emotional decisions
  • Understand how your customers really decide
  • Mechanisms to influence the customers decision

4 You have only 50 ms

When we talk about concepts like trust, relevance, or clarity, the customer’s brain has made a decision in a couple of milliseconds. This happens a lot of time before the rational part of the brain has a rational explanation of the decision. You can use this principle to increase trustworthiness and perceived usability of your website.

Topics covered:

  • Understand why the brain makes fast decisions
  • Utilize this knowledge for increased trust, relevance, and clarity
  • Reduce bounce rates and engage visitors on your page

5 Implement core principles in your process

Optimizing websites actually means changing buyer behavior. Your optimization process is a process that is not effective as long as you don’t implement the core principles of online behavior. Learn how to use neuromarketing principles and how to implement them in your optimization process.

Topics covered:

  • Disrupt or die: Why CX happens in the mind of the customer and how it affect growth
  • The core principles of your optimization process
  • Implementing behavioral principles to accelerate your growth

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