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Become great at Google Shopping

Discover how, and when, to create a more granular structure that helps Google’s automation rather than hinder it or create more needless work for you.

Course length: 2h 03min

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Andrew Lolk

Founder, CEO @ SavvyRevenue

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This course is for advertisers looking to learn how they can help Google Shopping perform better. A single Performance Max campaign is just the starting point.

Introduction video (2 minutes)

This course is essential for you if…

  • You work with eCommerce PPC and want to understand time-tested approaches to getting the most out of Google Shopping
  • You are new to eCommerce PPC, and need to find out how Google Shopping differs from regular Search campaigns
  • You work with an agency, and you want to be able to spar with them on the best approaches for Google Shopping

After taking this course you will…

  • Learn the difference between fully automated black box campaign types like Performance Max and standard Shopping campaigns
  • Discover the most important attributes of getting your feed ready for optimal performance
  • Campaign structure is foundation for your Google Shopping strategy. Understand the different ways to structure campaigns that support your overall marketing strategy.
  • What happens after you launch? What can you optimize? How often? When do you change campaign structure? This and more will be covered.
  • Find ways to review your performance data across multiple campaigns, and learn what you should ignore.

Your course curriculum

Google Shopping

What You Need to Know About Google Shopping Campaign Types

 In this Lesson, I will be walking you through Standard vs Performance Max shopping campaigns - the two main campaign types for Google Shopping ads.

Topics covered:

  • What the main differences are between Standard Shopping and Performance Max campaigns
  • The importance of having both campaign types in your toolbox
  • How Performance Max campaigns impact your other Google Ads campaigns

Setting your Google Shopping feed up for success

Your feed is the data input to your Google Shopping campaigns and is your initial decider on how well your campaigns perform.

Topics covered:

  • How to think about your Google Shopping feed without being scared of the word XML
  • The most important attributes you should always add
  • How - and what - attributes you should optimize

Performance Max as your baseline campaign

Too many agencies, freelancers and in-house teams invest heavily in a Standard Shopping setup without testing Performance Max. But what if an automated setup you barely touch could outperform your other setup?

Topics covered:

  • Why Performance Max should be your campaign "to beat"
  • How to build on a Performance Max setup
  • Why ad inventory is the main concern with Performance Max campaigns

The Case for Advanced Campaign Setups

Performance Max can be great, but the one-size-fits-all campaign type might not work for your marketing strategy. Advanced Standard Shopping setups is the alternative - for some.

Topics covered:

  • When to use a more Advanced Standard Shopping setup
  • Smart Bidding means the best of both worlds
  • How the priorities setting is the crucial step to more advanced setups

Optimizing Google Shopping Campaigns: The Never-ending Step

 You launched your campaigns, now what? Thousands of scenarios can happen, but we've distilled it down to 5 core optimizations and one big revision.

Topics covered:

  • How to build in analysis tasks in your workflow
  • The 5 core optimization tasks you should revisit consistently
  • When to revisit your campaign structure as your main optimization task

Andrew Lolk

Founder, CEO @ SavvyRevenue

I’m a top 25 PPC expert in 2022 and currently the founder of SavvyRevenue, an eCommerce-only PPC agency focused on on scaling Shopping, Feed and Search management. We scale B2C eCommerce businesses in the US and Europe profitably I’ve worked in PPC sin

I’m a top 25 PPC expert in 2022 and currently the founder of SavvyRevenue, an eCommerce-only PPC agency focused on on scaling Shopping, Feed and Search management. We scale B2C eCommerce businesses in the US and Europe profitably

I’ve worked in PPC since 2009, spoken across the world and agency owner since 2010. My core belief is that PPC is becoming less about the technical know-how and more about combining technical know-how with business insights.

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