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Become great at customer storytelling & proof

Practical techniques for product marketers to understand and leverage customers to fuel better storytelling.

Course length: 3h 58min

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Jordan Greene

Senior Director of Product Marketing @ Outreach

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The secret to world-class product marketing is simple: customers. We all know that to be true, but it’s so tempting to get distracted by how amazing our own product is. We often fall short and forget to make the customer the hero of our story – not our company.

This course will help you break through the barrier and build systems to maintain your customer obsession and develop raving fans to power your storytelling!

After taking this course you’ll…

  • Understand how to gather up-to-date information Understand why strong customer storytelling helps you win more deals
  • Gather customer insights 1:1 with customers and at scale leveraging call analytics tools to distill the insights to effectively market your product
  • Build programs that develop customer advocates
  • Leverage customers to tell your story on your behalf
  • Evaluate & manage 3rd party review sites to build public social proof that compels buyers to choose you over the competition

This course is essential for you if…

  • You work in marketing at a B2B organization
  • You’re a product marketer who wants to accelerate your career
  • You’re a product marketer who wants to develop programs that drive extraordinary outcomes

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You’re an experienced or successful customer marketer
  • You don’t believe customers are the key to product marketing success
  • You’re looking for a quick method to build a case study

Jordan Greene

Senior Director of Product Marketing @ Outreach

Jordan was the first marketing director at Outreach and leads the go-to-market product marketing team. He’s helped grow Outreach from an early-stage startup to a $4.4B sales software company, including building a community of raving customer advocates of over 100k.

He has 10+ years of experience in B2B tech product marketing in growth companies.

Your course curriculum

Customer storytelling and proof

1 The Power of Customer Storytelling

Understand why strong customer storytelling helps you win more deals and the key ways to leverage customer advocates

Topics covered:

  • Learn what's wrong with taking a product-first lens and why focusing on customers will help your product break through the noise
  • Understand the value of building strong customer relationships to power insights & develop advocates
  • Visualize how customers will tell your story

2 Becoming Customer Obsessed

Develop rituals that tune you into what matters most to your customers

Topics covered:

  • Learn why a consistent set of “customer obsession” rituals will transform you into a world-class marketer
  • How to regularly “interview” customers & leverage call listening tools to scale customer insights
  • Develop a basic system to distil & share customer insights

3 How to Build an Army of Advocates

Build programs that develop customer advocates

Topics covered:

  • Learn why it’s critical to “build an army of advocates” on day 1
  • Understand the basic principles of advocates and how to avoid easy traps
  • Review techniques to facilitate & develop early advocates

4 Customer Storytelling Uses

An introduction to the ways product marketer's can leverage customers

Topics covered:

  • Learn most compelling ways to leverage customers
  • Apply customer stories to specific marketing assets
  • Review examples of compelling customer storytelling

5 The Hero’s Journey

Why Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces is on every great marketer's bookshelf

Topics covered:

  • Understand the hero’s journey and why it’s an effective storytelling model for marketing
  • Learn how to make the customer the hero of your storytelling, not your product
  • Apply concepts from the hero’s journey to marketing storytelling

6 Managing 3rd Party Review Sites

Review sites can make or break your company - learn the basic playbook to maintain a strong presence that compels buyers to choose you.

Topics covered:

  • Learn why reviews sites are a critical asset for buyers
  • How to develop your own playbook to maintain a strong presence on the most important review sites
  • Understand effective techniques to ask for positive reviews and how to handle negative reviews

7 Case Study Basics

Case studies are the bread & butter of strong social proof. Learn the basics of how to construct an effective case study.

Topics covered:

  • Learn why case studies are a necessary and effective tool for sales
  • Understand the do’s & don’ts when constructing a case study
  • Review examples of effective case studies

8 Reference Programs

The ultimate social proof happens with buyers connect with customers. Building a reference program for your sales team equips them with the ultimate tool to convince concerned buyers.

Topics covered:

  • Understand the power of references and why it’s worth formalizing a program
  • Learn the basic principles of getting a program going and ensuring it’s scalable
  • Review best practices to ensure success

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