Become a data detective and master GA4 audits

Learn how to plan, design, and run audits for even the most flawed GA4 setups, with the help of a world-class analytics expert.

  • Audit data collection, analytics setups, privacy and compliance setups, and GA4 integrations to improve data accuracy and confidence in your insights.
  • Develop and implement action plans after prioritizing findings and choosing the right tools for the process.
  • Diagnose gaps and mistakes in every GA4 and GTM setup.
  • Get 42 downloadable resources and almost 300 slides of material to walk you through GA4 audits.

Online course: Google Analytics 4 Audit

By Neal Cole,

Founder and Senior Web Analyics Consultant @ Conversion Uplift Ltd

24 lessons, 5h 45min

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Turn even the most flawed GA4 setup into a trustworthy data source

The era of auditors focusing solely on data accuracy is in the past. Now companies want people who add value to the business and understand the digital strategy, goals, KPI’s, and make practical recommendations.

After all, GA4 is a behavioral tool, not an accounting one, so your data will never be 100% accurate but you can still make the most of it by using the right tools.

This five-hour course will teach you to make the most of your GA4 data and identify key opportunities for your/your clients’ business.

Learn with a walkthrough from a world-class analytics expert

Basing your business decisions on inaccurate data means throwing away your budget. That’s why you need a framework for identifying critical issues in your data early on.

This course gives you that framework directly from the experience of an expert who has managed web analytics for over 10 years. You also get 42 downloadable resources, and almost 300 slides of material walking you through the perfect GA4 audit.

After you take it, you’ll have total confidence in your abilities as a data detective.

Neal Cole

Founder and Senior Web Analyics Consultant @ Conversion Uplift Ltd
I have over 10 years experience working in web analytics and website optimisation for large corporations in the UK. I founded Conversion Uplift Ltd in 2016 to specialise in technical web analytics and optimisation services. This means I work with GTM, GA4 and BigQuery to troubleshoot, implement, and maintain advanced tracking and analytics solutions. Clients include companies involved in ecommerce, online gaming, financial services, logistics, leisure parks, and travel.

Introduction video

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if you…

  • Would like to build a career in digital analytics and establish yourself as an industry expert in the field by uncovering the full potential of GA4 for your clients.
  • Are in the management team of a company and want to make more informed decisions based on your analytics.
  • Are an auditor who want to provide better services for their clients and give recommendations based on each business objective.

After taking this course you will…

  • Understand how to plan, and implement a comprehensive audit of GA4 properties to enhance data collection and insights generated by the platform.
  • Align business goals with a measurement plan to ensure the GA4 console and GTM is configured to best meet the business needs of the organization.
  • Diagnose gaps and mistakes in the GA4 and GTM setup to improve data accuracy and confidence in insights generated.
  • Provide clear recommendations for enhancing GA4 and GTM implementations.

Skills you will master

Data auditsData collectionGoogle Analytics 4Google Analytics 4 ImplementationGoogle Analytics audit

Victor A.

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Few months after my Growth Marketing Minidegree, I got a job.

Ever since then, the story has been different.

Tomek D.

Our Growth Marketing agency has completed 1298 lessons and 138 courses at the Institute so far. CXL helps us in a number of ways:
1. Provides an incredible source of content to train our staff.
2. Is a good tool in keeping our staff (they’re growing and we aid in that).
3. Is an awesome source of new opinions/methods to try out on our clients. 

Radvilas Š.

Anyone interested in genuinely understanding the math behind CRO and A/B testing absolutely has to use CXL.

My whole team has a great time discussing the material and aligning our views on processes we use, and to come up with ideas to implement in the future.

Ruben D.

The wide variety of courses taught by many different experts makes CXL highly recommended for every team who takes growth seriously.

New courses are regularly available, making it better and better. CXL is a great platform for learning and growing businesses.

Yasmine de Aranada, Growth Strategist @ Market 8

This course is packed with gold! Momoko is an awesome teacher – I took the course late so only got access to recordings, and even with that, I am able to use every bit of it in my deliverable.

Josh R.

CXL has lead to more professional growth than any other year of my life. The best educational investment I have ever made.

Chris Out

For the hard skills, we use CXL to enable all our growth hackers and CRO people, who have different clients with different needs. Everybody can follow a tailored course for the stuff that they need to learn. The next thing we do, we create a learning plan per person, and we check in with people to see how fast are they learning. That learning plan is created based on their ambitions, what their clients need, and how they want to evolve.

Crystal Ignatowski, Marketing Content Developer @ Surety Solutions

I’ll be honest, I didn’t entirely understand what the CXL was at first. Then, I realized it was a gold mine. The Institute is jam-packed with courses, certificate programs, and recordings of past events/courses. The CXL was my guide book for many many months and because of that, I am leaps and bounds above the rest. Everything the Institute publishes is part of the top 5%. There is no fluff in the Institute; only real, actionable, and result-driven content. If you think you know stuff, give the CXL a try. You’ll be shocked at how much you have to gain.

Your course curriculum

GA4 Audit

1 Introduction to Digital Analytics Audits

Introduction about how the course will make you proficient and effective at undertaking audits of GA4, which involves becoming a data analytics detective. The course is aimed at analytics professionals who are familiar with Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. The aim is to give you the knowledge and skills to offer advice and solutions to the problems you uncover.

2 Key aspects of data quality

Learn about the concepts of accuracy and precision in data collection and how these relate to privacy and establishing a source of truth. Understanding these facets is key to ensuring reliable data for decision-making. Additionally, students will learn about sampling and data modeling in GA4, including the limits on events, cardinality, and the use of Google Signals. This knowledge will equip students to better comprehend how these factors can impact data quality and, avoid creating problems with data accuracy.

3 Overview of Common Data Quality Issues

Learn how to use the Chrome developer tools, GTM Preview mode and selected browser extensions to expertly debug and uncover problems with GA4 tracking and events. This will allow you to identify where to prioritize your efforts in improving GA4 data quality.

4 Tracking Code Presence (site crawl)

Gain proficiency in auditing the placement of tracking codes within website source code, and understand how to deal with the common challenges such as iFrames, payment gateways, content security policies. Learn to use essential auditing tools like Screaming Frog, to quickly identify pages that might be missing crucial tracking codes.

5 Events and Parameters

Dive into the world of events and parameters, uncovering the secrets to capturing granular user interactions on websites. By mastering these techniques, you will unlock deeper insights into user behavior, transforming the way clients approach and interpret web analytics, and ensure tailored and actionable data-driven strategies.

6 Integrity Checks

Get a comprehensive understanding of addressing data gaps within Google Analytics 4, learning strategies ranging from data augmentation to leveraging machine learning models for predictive insights. Additionally, you will master the nuances of validating analytics data using a secondary source, ensuring you can discern reliable data patterns and address discrepancies, all while adhering to essential privacy considerations and understanding the inherent differences between data sources.

7 Testing User Scenarios

Learn the techniques to meticulously examine and validate data tracking and user interactions on websites. This will allow you to harness tools like DebugView, GA4 Test property, and Chrome developer tools to simulate and assess various user behaviors. This will ensure GA4 analytics data capture is both accurate and reflective of actual user experiences. This hands-on approach not only aids in understanding user pathways, but also bolsters web design, marketing strategies, and overall conversion optimization.

8 Set Up and Configuration Audit

Understand the intricacies of auditing, learning both manual and AI-driven techniques. You will be equipped with strategies to meticulously review GA4’s key areas, harnessing tools and checklists to ensure optimal data accuracy and reliability. Learn new insights about the strengths and limitations of both manual and automated processes, empowering them to select the most appropriate method based on specific audit requirements.

9 Property Settings

Understand and optimize GA4 property settings, ensuring they align with business objectives, manage data with precision across different plan types, and safeguard data security through appropriate user permissions.

10 Data Stream Settings

Master the nuances of GA4’s data stream settings, ensuring accurate data reception from various streams, implementing best practices for Single Page Applications, and optimizing Enhanced Measurement configurations for comprehensive site search analysis.

11 Configuring and Validating Events

Understand how to meticulously configure and validate events within GA4. Learn the nuances of ensuring comprehensive event tracking aligned with the measurement plan, mastering the validation of Ecommerce events, and utilizing tools like Preview Mode and DebugView to confirm the accurate firing of GTM tags.

12 User ID and Cross-Device tracking

Learn the intricacies of User ID and cross-device tracking within GA4. Understand the benefits and pitfalls of User ID tracking, leveraging it to achieve a cohesive view of user journeys across devices.

13 Customization of Reports & Exploration reports

Understand how well the GA4 interface has been effectively customized to meet business needs. By diving deep into report modifications and exploring the expansive features of the ‘Explore’ section, you will better understand how well GA4 has been aligned to the needs of the organization.

14 Excluding Some Data (internal traffic)

Master the techniques to meticulously filter and exclude specific data in GA4, ensuring reports remain precise and free from internal or unwanted traffic influences.

15 AI Audit Tools Showcase

Understand the capabilities and limitations of AI-driven Google Analytics audit tools, learning how to leverage their strengths while being aware of their pitfalls to ensure comprehensive and accurate auditing of GA4 implementations.

16 GA4 Integrations

Learn how to evaluate Google product integrations in GA4 to ensure optimal data quality and insights.

17 Privacy & Compliance Audit – Privacy Settings in GA4

Learn how to ensure that all data practices align with both local and international regulations. Delve deep into understanding cookie consent, data retention settings, and the intricacies of Google Signals and ad personalization, enabling you to provide informed recommendations and ensure that organizational practices are both ethical and compliant.

18 PII and GA4

Learn the techniques to identify, understand, and prevent Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from being sent to GA4, ensuring both data privacy and compliance.

19 Auditing User Consent and Opt-out Settings

Understand user consent settings in GA4, learning how to integrate cookie consent banners effectively with Google Tag Manager, ensuring both compliance and accurate data modeling.

20 Tool showcase: Monitoring Your Martech Stack

Understand the techniques for monitoring your marketing technology stack, utilizing tools like Vault JS and ObservePoint, while also understanding the protective role of a Content Security Policy.

21 Prioritizing Audit Findings (Eisenhower matrix concept)

Master the Eisenhower matrix strategy to effectively prioritize audit findings, ensuring you tackle pressing issues efficiently while also discerning which tasks to delegate or set aside.

22 Establishing Monitoring or an Audit Calendar

Learn how to strike a balance between continuous monitoring and periodic analytics audits, leveraging the strengths of each approach to maintain data integrity and optimize the analytics setup in GA4.

23 Course Wrap-Up

Here we will consolidate your learning journey, revisiting crucial skills and strategies that transform you into a data detective. Additionally, you’ll explore valuable resources and avenues for continuous learning, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of GA4 auditing and analytics advancements.

24 Final Exam – GA4 Audit

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GA4 Audit: FAQ

How long does it take to complete this course?

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many study hours per week you can put in. This course is 5h 45min long. The majority of people will complete the course in between 1 and 1.5 hours.

What does the course include?

Our GA4 Audit training includes 24 lessons, 42 downloadable resources, 5h 45min of video material, several assignments, and a final exam.

Are subtitles available for the lessons?

Lessons have English subtitles and transcriptions available.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After taking this course, you will receive the GA4 Audit certification from CXL, with credentials that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What is the refund policy?

All plans come with a 7-day refund period 7-day no questions asked money-back period.