Here’s what’s coming at CXL

You can’t master deep, and broad skills with an outdated playbook.

CXL is constantly launching new courses, training updates, and improvements to our learning platform. This is our public roadmap for what’s coming up.

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We’re listening to our audience to fuel our courses

CXL has spent a whole year performing user research to collect insights on how our students are using CXL, collecting thousands of feedback data points from in-app to customer interviews, and working to enhance your learning experience.

We introduced a continuous product framework to identify challenges in the student journey and we spent over 100 hours in sync meetings with marketers and team leaders across our whole user base.

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Feature shipment at CXL

From feedback to feature shipment

We’re continuously learning from user research to keep delivering the best marketing education.

This year CXL has:

  • Refreshed our production process and doubled its speed to build more practical content and provide more updates.
  • Fixed hundreds of content issues for courses that have been updated and improved to make them evergreen.
  • Improved exam navigation an multiple choice bugs and clarity.
  • Solved login problems for users that couldn’t access their CXL account.
  • Improving and adding new features to My account page.
  • Improved your screen real estate with a wider layout.
  • Improved training navigation, including moving between courses while taking a Minidegree.
  • Updated training content, including key courses like our Google Analytics 4 and PPC courses.
  • Improved the clarity of transcripts for our courses.

Courses launched in 2023 and to come in 2024



Q1-Q2 2024:

Upcoming courses at CXL

What’s next for our UX

To provide the best learning experience for our students, we are recognizing the need to improve our navigation while launching new courses to expand your skillset.

Our training platform will go through deep updates in the upcoming months to make it much easier to pick up courses where you left off, find new and related content, and navigate between categories like CRO, Growth, and Analytics.

Among the new features, you’ll find:

  • A new learning dashboard – We are excited to share that we are busy building a brand new dashboard that has a familiar look, feel, and user experience while giving both individuals and teams better and easier progress tracking.
  • More navigation improvements – We are introducing a new category structure for our courses that will replace the Minidegree structure, bringing with it improved filtering and search functionality.
  • Improved exams and certifications – Even though we are moving away from the Minidegree structure, Minidegree certifications are still valid and will become category-level certificates.
    You will still be able to take exams and certify in all our marketing categories, but your certification will have better visibility and an improved UX.
  • Course discussions and interactions with tutors – Our instructors and our students want and need to talk to each other.
    We’re making the learning experience more interactive for you, both to ask and answer questions and to provide feedback to improve our content.
  • Fast updates and more actionable content – We are changing how we produce courses so we can make them more nimble, more practical, and fresher. Expect a much faster cadence of content and a UX that supports this pace.
New courses at CXL

Read how we’re solving your training challenges

Here’s how we are addressing the biggest challenges users have reported:


Are you going to publish new analytics courses?

In 2023, we decided to prioritize Google Analytics 4 as the analytics platform for which we’ll produce the most up-to-date content. This means we’re creating more and more recent GA4 courses to empower analytics experts after the sunsetting of Universal Analytics.

We have released fresh GA4 courses and are preparing more launches that cover BigQuery.

Are you going to expand the Growth category with new courses?

We have new PPC courses coming out during Q3 2023: Facebook Ads for Beginners, Facebook Ads Advanced, Google Ads for Beginners, and Google Ads Experimentation.

We’re also producing Advanced Google Ads and Linkedin Experimentation courses too. The entire Growth category is being reframed to update individual courses and reflect the recent changes in the industry.

On top of that, we’ve also recently launched a Growth-focused SEO Testing course. New case studies and course updates will be announced soon.

Apart from our broad & strategic courses, we’re also shifting to more tactical content in the form of fast marketing courses, which provide you with the tactics that work today from those winning with them.

Are you going to update the CRO courses?

We have conducted a detailed course audit and mapped out the feedback from all of the CRO trainings.

After this, we have mapped an entire refresh of the category, where we will restructure courses and update trainings to provide you with context and research methodologies that are at the cutting edge of the experimentation industry today.

We are producing a new Introduction to Experimentation course, a ResearchXL course, a Heuristic Analysis course, and newly updated case studies, workshops, and actionable content to reinforce our courses.

Are you going to update older courses and content that becomes outdated?

We have been publishing courses for over a decade, and while most of the outdated content is directly remade to update it to the current marketing playbooks, some users have reported issues with courses that were evergreen.

To fix this, we have mapped out in detail which courses and lessons need updating and when they will get replaced. We perform hundreds of content edits in different courses on a monthly basis, and we keep auditing our content to ensure we offer you the most reliable, up-to-date marketing training.

We have also improved our recording process and production quality to ship trainings faster, maintaining our pace and refreshing content more consistently.

UX and learning platform

Are you going to improve the navigation and overall UX?

We’re making a complete navigation overhaul to make it easier for you to access the courses you’re enrolled in, find the next course you want to take or search and filter trainings in a more intuitive way.

This includes restructuring the information architecture for our course pillars and building a new dashboard to tackle all usability issues.

Are you going to improve the CXL UI, including dashboards, roadmaps, and progress trackers?

We’re rebuilding our dashboard from scratch to update our platform and make it an example of great UX, just like we promote in our trainings.

With the new training dashboard, you’ll have access to an updated roadmap, an improved progress tracker, and new features that make it easier for you to pick up trainings where you left off, know about changes to content, and find easily every single course that goes out.

Minidegrees, Community, and Playbooks

What’s happening with Minidegrees?

We have received a lot of feedback on the Minidegrees. From the length of the content, issues with exams, navigation issues, and the need for regular updates.

Based on this feedback, we have decided to discontinue updating the Minidegrees with new courses and restructure our library into categories. This means all the courses previously available in Minidegrees will still be available in their respective categories.

This change in infrastructure is needed so we can be equipped to update our courses quickly and be able to bundle in the future without introducing UI/UX issues.

Minidegree certificates are still and will continue to be relevant, and we will continue to update with details so that is clear for employers or people that want to validate the certification. You will be able to certify in categories such as CRO, Growth, and Analytics in the future, and this will be the next iteration of Minidegree certificates. More details soon.

For now, the Minidegree experience remains the same. People who have bought Minidegrees will retain access to the content they bought.

We will continue to update our courses, and All-Access subscribers have access to all the new content.

What happening with Community and Playbooks (Adeft)?

Most community and playbook interactions happened when people asked specific questions about a task at hand that required resources and specific answers. We either answered their questions directly with playbooks, blogs, and courses, or had some expert provide advice.

Our biggest feedback about the community was to involve the instructors and courses more. That is why we will move towards a Q and A format more integrated into the course experience. This experience would obviously require access to courses, and All-Access subscribers will be able to benefit from this integration.

Playbook (Adeft) and all access subscribers will retain access to the 2500+ playbooks we have written, and they will also get access to new actionable video content we will be releasing. The industry is very fast-moving, and to keep pace, we are revisiting how we deliver actionable content.

The benefits of CXL membership

Just going through a video course doesn’t make you a great marketer. That’s why the CXL subscription gives you a lot more than that:

  1. Upskill through high-quality video courses, frameworks, case studies, and other resources
  2. Get certified by passing the final exam after completing each program and share your accomplishments on LinkedIn
  3. Easily apply what you’ve learned in real-life scenarios with step-by-step playbooks that actually drive growth
  4. Get support from experts and peers in our community anytime you’re stuck or looking for a fresh perspective

All-Access Subscription

  • Access to 90+ courses and 10 minidegrees
  • Earn certificates and add them to your LinkedIn profile
  • 2500+ playbooks
  • Exclusive community access

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