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Minidegrees bring career leaps without high fees and years of study.

CXL Minidegrees are the go-to for marketing certifications. They open career doors with battle-tested playbooks from the best marketers in the world.

Minidegrees are a gold standard, widely recognized as giving the highest quality, most leverageable training in each marketing field for its price.

They allow you to quickly advance in your career and be (highly) rewarded for that.

They’ve got no expiry date, and they lead to a highly sought-after qualification.

What do you want to be the best at?

From creating and refining a strategic brand identity, messaging and community building, this program teaches you all you need to know to compete on brand and win by radical differentiation.

Designed to help marketing professionals create and refine a strategic brand identity, this advanced certification program will give you deep marketing knowledge across key brand disciplines.

At the end of the Brand Marketing Minidegree, you’ll have the processes, tools, and transferrable techniques to level up your brand — no matter your industry or role.

This program teaches you how to drive growth without spending more. Learn methodologies and processes to get more and bigger wins with your A/B tests and experimentation as whole.

Learn how to convert your traffic into customers, run more successful experiments, and get the skills to deliver consistent revenue gains on any website you work on.

optimization best practices | conversion research | testing strategies | CRO program management

This program teaches you the most in-demand digital marketing skills companies fight over, like customer acquisition, conversion optimization and content marketing.

Master the most impactful acquisition channels like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads.

Develop and execute an effective content marketing program.

Use proven psychological frameworks and persuasion to improve your website, understand behavior, and influence purchase patterns, ultimately increasing online sales.

Use proven psychological frameworks to improve your website, understand behavior, and influence purchase patterns.

Neuromarketing | persuasion | applied behavioral psychology

Master all key elements of ecommerce marketing, from paid and organic customer acquisition, retention, strategy and measurement, and successfully grow a profitable ecommerce business.

Prove yourself in the most challenging discipline of marketing and propel your career.

Learn all about the best ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics.

Master key growth disciplines, from growth methodologies and processes, experimentation frameworks, research and analytics, and become a T-shaped marketer focused on driving growth.

Learn to accelerate your business by running growth experiments, optimizing the channels that work best for you, and scaling your growth program.

Data and analytics | growth channels | experimentation

Build strategic skills across positioning, messaging, sales enablement, persona research and pricing, and develop winning go-to-market strategies at any stage of growth with this program.

The Product Marketing Minidegree is a training program that teaches you how to advance across all core product marketing disciplines.

You will learn how to lead effective go-to-market (GTM) launches, bring teams together, and become a growth driver for your company. No matter the industry or size.

Get the technical skills to use data to identify your target audience, discover the content they need, and learn how to produce it at journalistic standards—while proving the ROI for all of it.

Become great at content marketing

Get advanced level skills to generate traffic, leads, and sales with your content.

This program is for people serious about building skills, and are ready to put in the effort it takes to complete a Minidegree.

Identify the topics that you’re best positioned to cover. Create a coherent strategy that drives traffic and leads. Get max value from existing content and scale your program.

More and more marketing is implemented through technology. You must be the driver of marketing technology, not merely a concerned passenger. But if you don’t have technical depth, how can you navigate?

This mini-degree will provide students a comprehensive look at the technical skills, tools, and disciplines that make up what digital marketing is today. The focus is on understanding technical marketing concepts on a superficial level and to provide students the ability to identify key learning paths they will want to pursue in further studies.

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