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Become great at TikTok Ads

Learn how to get your TikTok ads off the ground without wasting time, effort, and energy developing creative assets that never convert.

This course will break down how to start, optimize, and scale TikTok Ads right now, along with the best types of performing creative to spend less time spinning your wheels with how to make it work and more time optimizing scaling your ads.

Course length: 2h 48min

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William Perry

CEO @ Reason Agency

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Introduction video (1 minute)

This course is essential for you if…

  • You are an experienced Facebook Advertiser and realize you need to expand from running Facebook Ads only to continue to get results for your clients or the brand you work for.
  • You don’t want to be left behind with becoming great at TikTok Ads and realize the wave of interest around running TikTok Ads.
  • You want to be able to get and manage clients who need help with TikTok Ads
  • You want to be a well-versed media buyer beyond just running paid traffic on one or two channels.

Take this course and you will…

  • Learn the best type of creative to use on TikTok, so that you don’t blow your budget running the wrong creatives – the answer isn’t using your Facebook or Instagram Ads!
  • Discover the TikTok Scaling Blueprint, broken down into 4 phases of testing into scaling, allowing you to have clarity on what’s working, what’s not working and where to have confidence putting the majority of your spend.
  • Get familiar with current best practices, the best way to structure campaigns and find success on the platform, so you don’t fall trap into never getting ads off the ground.
  • Find out how to source creators, so that you can quickly scale up your creative production and aren’t left with an ad account that’s running itself into the ground.

Your course curriculum

TikTok Ads

1 Creative 101: Mastering the fundamentals

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • current best practices
  • fast and effective ways to produce creatives without the guesswork of what to do, where to start, and where your best chances of success lie
  • top-performing creative types
  • the different types of creative, and how to best develop those ads
  • top-performing creative angles
  • the different angles to take with creative, how to best develop those ads

You will learn:

  • how to get your ads off the ground without wasting a ton of time, effort, and energy developing creative assets that never convert.
  • the different types of creative, how to develop those ads best, and why your creative research is the #1 most important aspect to performance vs. any other ad channel. (Hint: it has to do with trends)
  • fast and effective ways to produce creative without the guesswork of what to do, where to start and where your best chances of success lie

2 Creative 201: The Research

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • Creative Research: Inspiration

  • Creative Research: Trends

  • The Core Sales Message Framework

  • Creative Research: Finding Creators

You will learn:

  • how and where to conduct creative research to produce your next winning ads
  • tap into go-to resources to help your ads leverage the powerful Tiktok algorithm
  • the step-by-step avatar research process for crafting winning messaging
  • easy ways to get the content you need to scale your ads to make TikTok a viable channel.

3 Creative 301: How to make TikToks that convert

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • The focus for each ad creative
  • How to engage your audience
  • Crafting winning Ads consistently with go-to frameworks to follow

You will learn:

  • how to capture attention in a 3s world
  • a detailed breakdown of some of my best ads + what helps them drive sales
  • how to apply winning tactics to make your ads not look like ads
  • an easy-to-follow winning framework

4 Setup & Testing

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • How to win Creative Testing
  • The SVST Testing MethodTM
  • Launching Phase 1 - Message Testing
  • Launching Phase 2 - Creative Testing

You will learn:

  • the common pitfalls to avoid the creative testing roller coaster & scaling plateau
  • the 8 keys to winning creative testing for a long-lasting scale
  • structure your campaigns for maximum clarity + performance
  • the best way to start on Tiktok to ever have a chance of generating conversions
  • how to leverage your data to find out what messaging actually resonates with your audience and is something they care about
  • how to find winning ads regularly and gain 100% clarity on what’s actually working

5 Optimization

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • How to troubleshoot non-converting ads
  • Detailing your Winning Ad FormulaTM
  • Optimizing from your Winning Ad FormulaTM

You will learn:

  • how to read your data & find out what’s working + what’s not
  • an easy-to-follow template to craft your focus & future testing around what’s actually working
  • how to keep winning ads going + how to refine your day-to-day approach to avoid drastic drops in performance

6 Scaling

In this lesson, we will cover:

  • Scaling with Phase 3 - Audience Testing
  • Scaling with Phase 4 - Scaling Campaigns

You will learn:

  • how to lay the foundation for scaling
  • how to maximize Winning Ads + keep your account stable
  • how to scale your ads to drive sales after finding your winning ads

William Perry

William Perry is the CEO of Reason Agency and the Founder of Elite Media Buyers Academy.

He and his team specialize in highly-optimized split testing & media buying strategies that make acquiring customers more profitable.

In 2020, they analyzed, audited, and managed more than $30,000,000 in digital ad-spend across Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Taboola, Pinterest & Youtube.

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