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Become great at organic social media

Learn to develop effective social media marketing campaigns.

Discover the type of content that works best across each platform, and master techniques for improving organic distribution.

Course length: 2h 40min

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Phil Nottingham

Founder @ Nott Media

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Learn to create and distribute content like a pro

This course will give you all the ammunition you need to come up with fresh ideas, and ensure you’re creating and distributing content in the most effective way possible.

Competitive advantage in organic social media comes from understanding exactly how the platforms work, what resonates and why, and how you can create and distribute content that will stand out from the pack.

What you will learn in this course

  • Learn to recognise the principles behind effective organic distribution on social media.
  • Prepare for success through a planning framework that ensures resonant and share-worthy content is created.
  • Differentiate between social media channels and explain which content formats tend to perform best.
  • Create a content strategy that matches your brand with the right channels and media types to deliver meaningful results.
  • Implement techniques for turning returning visitors into regular visitors.
  • Propose value propositions for social media channels that create resonant brand positioning.

After taking this course you’ll…

  • Understand the principles behind effective organic distribution on social media and how you can apply these principles throughout your campaigns
  • Develop a multi-platform strategy, matching the strengths and opportunities of your brand, with a pre-production framework that ensures resonant content is always created
  • Differentiate between different social media platforms according to media type, and be able to better predict success in advance of creative production
  • Implement tactics for improving reach and engagement across social media platforms, and improve the success metrics for all your social content.

Phil Nottingham

Phil Nottingham is the CEO and Founder of Nott Media, the video marketing agency for B2B businesses. A strategist who specializes in media transformation, Phil regularly speaks around the world about video strategy, brand marketing and search engine optimisation.

He has consulted on brand and video strategy for both large and small brands including Red Bull, Wistia, Yoast, SparkToro, The Financial Times and Lidl.

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Organic social media

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