Ecommerce Best Practices in 2021

Best practices are where you should start, not where you should end up. Still, you can save months of trial-and-error by implementing them.

To be competitive in 2021, you should be at least as good as these guidelines, which cover everything from how to structure your homepage to how to streamline the checkout process.

If your ecommerce site gets fewer than 1,000 purchases per month, and you can’t run your own A/B testing program (yet), consider these guidelines a list of action items.

A couple of additional notes:

  • These are current best practices. What worked two years ago might not work anymore. Tactic fatigue is real. People, web technologies, and marketing trends change. Wins are perishable.
  • All guidelines come from user testing and custom research on some of the world’s most well-known ecommerce brands:

247 ecommerce guidelines for design and optimization

For ease of understanding and use, we divided guidelines into six main categories. Each category, in turn, is grouped into as many as four traits.

Access to these ecommerce best practices is free. Some guidelines require an email for access. Once you verify your email, you can use it to log in for future visits.

1. Homepage and site-wide guidelines

2. Category landing page guidelines

3. Product list and search result page guidelines

4. Product page guidelines

5. Product comparison guidelines

6. Cart and checkout guidelines

7. Mobile guidelines

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