Leap ahead of your competitors with
Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads still work well if you know the advanced strategies that set you apart from the competitors who are still doing simple campaigns.

  • Maximize your ROI with advanced Facebook Ads techniques that optimize your campaigns, leading to more effective marketing strategies.
  • Master advanced targeting methods to reach your ideal customers with laser-like precision, ultimately boosting conversion rates and driving growth.
  • Discover the secrets to creating eye-catching ad copy, headlines, imagery, and video that resonate with your target audience, increasing engagement and sales.

Online course: Advanced Facebook Ads

By Curt Maly,

Co-Founder at Blackbox Social Media

23 lessons, 5h 48min

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Facebook Ads still works if you know these tactics

You can get exceptional results with Facebook Ads if you start implementing the advanced techniques from world-class experts.

This course helps you do just that. It gives you a competitive edge to stay ahead of your competitors.

By mastering advanced campaign types, targeting methods, ad creatives, and tracking methods, you’ll optimize your campaigns for better performance, higher ROI, and better marketing efforts.

Can you create effective ads after the massive privacy policy updates?

Facebook Ads privacy update has revolutionized the industry in a specific way: targeting is becoming less and less effective. But you can still win… if you switch your focus to crafting the right creative.

While lazy marketers are waiting for Meta to do the heavy lifting and reach their exact audience, smart marketers are generating really good creatives and outperforming the competition.

This course helps you move away from hyper-targeting into hyper-creating by leveraging AI to do market research, write copy, and create effective images.

Go from proficient to master in 5h 48min

Whether you want to escalate your Facebook Ads in-house and save agency fees, or you want to maximize ROI for your clients, you need to know what your clients want, instead of guessing what works for their accounts.

This short, power-packed course is designed to help you outperform competitors by testing and improving your ads.

You’ll come out knowing exactly how to find the best combination of copy, targeting, and creative drives the most conversions.

Learn from an award-winning expert

Curt Maly

Co-Founder at Blackbox Social Media

Curt Maly is a national speaker, and award-winning expert in Facebook, social media marketing, and paid traffic strategies, with over 17 years of experience. He is the Co-Founder of Black Box Social Media, and works with celebrities, Shark Tank contestants, professional sports teams, and small to medium-sized businesses.

Introduction video

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if you…

  • Are an intermediate or advanced Facebook Ads user who wants to unlock the full potential of the platform to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Want to optimize your campaigns, improve performance, get higher conversions, and increase revenue for your business by implementing advanced Facebook Asd strategies.
  • Are already using Facebook Ads in your marketing strategy, but want to ensure that you’re using the most effective and up-to-date techniques to maximize the return on your advertising investment.

Take this course and you will…

After taking this course, you will:

  • Reach your ideal customers with laser-like precision by using advanced targeting methods.
  • Make your customers stop scrolling down and start converting by maximizing your impact with winning ad copy.
  • Use advanced tracking methods, such as Facebook Pixel and Conversions API, to measure and optimize campaign performance.
  • Scaling your Facebook Ads campaigns, to expand your reach and grow your business while maintaining control over your advertising budget.
  • Learn how to use A/B testing to learn the best combination of copy, targeting, and creative drives the most conversions.

Check out the Facebook Ads for Beginners course if you are looking for more beginner-friendly training.

Skills you will master

Facebook AdsFacebook Ads CampaignsFacebook Ads CreativeFacebook Ads TargetingPPC campaigns

Victor A.

CXL gave me a big lift in my career.

Few months after my Growth Marketing Minidegree, I got a job.

Ever since then, the story has been different.

Tomek D.

Our Growth Marketing agency has completed 1298 lessons and 138 courses at the Institute so far. CXL helps us in a number of ways:
1. Provides an incredible source of content to train our staff.
2. Is a good tool in keeping our staff (they’re growing and we aid in that).
3. Is an awesome source of new opinions/methods to try out on our clients. 

Radvilas Š.

Anyone interested in genuinely understanding the math behind CRO and A/B testing absolutely has to use CXL.

My whole team has a great time discussing the material and aligning our views on processes we use, and to come up with ideas to implement in the future.

Ruben D.

The wide variety of courses taught by many different experts makes CXL highly recommended for every team who takes growth seriously.

New courses are regularly available, making it better and better. CXL is a great platform for learning and growing businesses.

Yasmine de Aranada, Growth Strategist @ Market 8

This course is packed with gold! Momoko is an awesome teacher – I took the course late so only got access to recordings, and even with that, I am able to use every bit of it in my deliverable.

Josh R.

CXL has lead to more professional growth than any other year of my life. The best educational investment I have ever made.

Chris Out

For the hard skills, we use CXL to enable all our growth hackers and CRO people, who have different clients with different needs. Everybody can follow a tailored course for the stuff that they need to learn. The next thing we do, we create a learning plan per person, and we check in with people to see how fast are they learning. That learning plan is created based on their ambitions, what their clients need, and how they want to evolve.

Crystal Ignatowski, Marketing Content Developer @ Surety Solutions

I’ll be honest, I didn’t entirely understand what the CXL was at first. Then, I realized it was a gold mine. The Institute is jam-packed with courses, certificate programs, and recordings of past events/courses. The CXL was my guide book for many many months and because of that, I am leaps and bounds above the rest. Everything the Institute publishes is part of the top 5%. There is no fluff in the Institute; only real, actionable, and result-driven content. If you think you know stuff, give the CXL a try. You’ll be shocked at how much you have to gain.

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Your course curriculum

Advanced Facebook Ads

1 Discovering Sales Conversion Options

In this lesson, we will be diving into META’s Sales Conversion options to understand what options will work best for your unique type of business.

2 A/B Split Testing

In this lesson, we cover A/B testing in Facebook Ads and how it can be used to improve campaign performance.

3 Special Ad Categories

Special ad categories are designed to protect users from discrimination in advertising, and as a result, there are additional requirements and restrictions for advertisers running ads within these categories.

4 ABO vs CBO

This lesson will give you a comprehensive understanding of ABO and CBO in Facebook Ads and how to use them to achieve their campaign goals and objectives.

5 Effective Ad Creatives

In this lesson, you will learn how to create effective ad copy and images for your META Ads.

6 Imagery and Video

In this lesson, you are going to learn how effective video and image ads work. It’s critical to understand that we want to pre-qualify customers vs. just generating a click.

7 Copy & Creative Tools

In this lesson, we are going to be discussing how to use META creative tools and 3rd party creative tools to produce “scroll stopping” images and ad creatives.

8 Why Carousel and Collection Ads Drive Engagement: How to Master Them

Discover the advanced techniques, best practices, and benefits of using collection and carousel ads in Facebook Ads to effectively showcase multiple products or services, engage your target audience, and optimize performance through audience targeting and bidding strategies.

9 Why Dynamic Product Ads Convert: Mastering Meta Advantage+ Catalog Ads

In this lesson, students will discover why Dynamic Product Ads are crucial in targeting users who have previously expressed interest or intent, significantly boosting conversion rates.

10 How Custom Audiences Amplify Your Facebook Ads: Strategies and Optimization

In this lesson, you’ll discover why custom audiences are a powerful tool in Facebook Ads, allowing you to target people who have already interacted with your business for more effective ad campaigns.

11 How to Maximize Reach with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

In this lesson, students will delve into the intricacies of Lookalike Audiences, learning why these offer a compelling way to expand your reach to potential customers who bear a striking resemblance to your current audience.

12 Why and How to Master Interest Targeting in Facebook Ads

In this lesson, you will learn why interest targeting is a powerful tool to reach audiences who are most likely to resonate with your products or services based on their interests and behaviors. You will also learn how to use Facebook’s audience insights tool and third-party resources effectively to create and refine interest targeting for your ad campaigns.

13 How Advantage Detailed Targeting+ Transforms Facebook Ad Performance

In this lesson, you’ll master the use of Facebook’s Advantage Detailed Targeting+ tool to reach niche audiences based on nuanced demographic and interest data.

14 How to Master Advantage+ and Manual Placements on Facebook

In this lesson, students will learn the crucial differences between Advantage+ Placements and Manual Placements in Facebook Ads, and why this distinction matters for ad performance.

15 How to Amplify Sales with Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

In this lesson, you will learn the ins and outs of leveraging Facebook’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, a powerful tool to showcase your products directly to your customers and boost sales.

16 Why The Meta Pixel is Essential and How to Utilize It

In this lesson, you’ll unlock the power of The Meta Pixel, discovering why it’s a critical component in enhancing your Facebook ad campaign’s effectiveness.

17 How to Optimize Ad Performance with Facebook’s Conversions API

In this lesson, you will learn how to effectively leverage the power of Facebook’s Conversions API to track user behaviors and conversions.

18 Why Advanced Tracking Techniques Boost Facebook Ads Performance

In this lesson, you will learn why advanced tracking methods, such as tracking multiple conversion events and setting up cross-domain tracking, are crucial in optimizing your Facebook Ads.

19 How and Why to Master Budgeting & Bidding Strategies in Facebook Ads

In this lesson, you will come to understand the crucial role that a clear budget and strategic bidding play in successfully scaling your Facebook Ads campaigns.

20 How Automated Rules Can Optimize Your Facebook Campaigns

In this lesson we will delve into the power of automated rules in Facebook Ads, learning why these tools are integral for efficient and effective campaign management.

21 How Strategic Campaign Structures Enhance Facebook Ad Performance

In this lesson, you will grasp the significance of a well-structured Facebook Ads campaign and its impact on campaign performance and scalability.

22 Using Day Parting to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

In this lesson, students will master the concept of day parting and understand its pivotal role in optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns for superior performance and efficiency.

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Advanced Facebook Ads course: FAQ

How long does it take to complete this course?

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many study hours per week you can put in. This course is 5h 48min long. The majority of people will complete the course in between 7 and 7.5 hours.

What does the course include?

Our Advanced Facebook Ads training includes 23 lessons, 37 downloadable resources, 5h 48min of video material, several assignments, and a final exam.

Are subtitles available for the lessons?

Lessons have English subtitles and transcriptions available.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After taking this course, you will receive the Advanced Facebook Ads from CXL, with credentials that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What is the refund policy?

All plans come with a 7-day refund period 7-day no questions asked money-back period.