Start winning on
Meta & Facebook Ads: here’s what works

Get an expert walkthrough of everything you need to start getting wins on Facebook Ads, with the playbook of what works.

  • Learn how to run successful, profitable ads on Facebook and Meta, guided by a world-class expert who has managed millions of dollars in ad spend.
  • Understand how to set up tracking, allocate budget, and choose the right targeting options in a privacy-focused world.
  • Learn how to make creative that works, and test and analyze your data.

Online course: Facebook Ads for Beginners

By Susan Wenograd,

Marketing Consultant

14 lessons, 1h 30min

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Get the Facebook Ads playbook that works

Facebook Ads and Meta Ads have changed since it was launched. But you can still win, especially if you get a walkthrough from a world-class PPC legend that covers what you need to know about tracking and targeting, creatives and campaigns, and data reporting.

This course delivers an updated playbook for everything you need to run Facebook Ads that are profitable.

Introduction video

From novice to skilled in 1h 30min

Whether you want to run your Facebook Ads in-house and save agency fees, or you want to manage ads for your clients, you need to know what works today.

This short, power-packed course is designed to help you upskill and move from a beginner to a proficient level.

You’ll come out understanding how to set up retargeting campaigns, craft the right creative, audit your account, implement best practices, start applying experimentation to your PPC strategy, and much more.

Learn from a world-class PPC legend

Susan Wenograd

Marketing Consultant

Susan has spent the last 20 years in marketing, specializing in paid search and social for brands and agencies. She has managed tens of millions of ad dollars working with many household names, including General Motors, Instacart, and She’s Birdie.

Who is this course for:

This course is for you if you…

  • Are a marketing specialist or manager, and would like to work with a PPC agency while being an expert in the field.
  • If you’re a marketing specialist and would like to run Facebook Ads in-house with expertise, getting the right results and following the guidance of a PPC legend.
  • If you would like to build a career as a paid ads specialist from scratch, knowing how to get the best results out of Facebook Ads.

Take this course and you will…

After taking this course, you will:

  • Get an effective understanding of Facebook Ads, including the Pixel and the Ad interface, the Conversions API (CAPI), the tracking and data reporting, and the most common campaign types.
  • Learn how to set up tracking, structure efficient campaigns, allocate budget, and understand targeting options in a privacy-focused world.
  • Make creative following best practices from PPC experts.
  • Understand how to test, analyze, and report your data.
  • Learn how and why the data in Facebook and Meta Ads has changed, and how to use your own data to win at marketing on this channel.
  • Build experiments to test your creatives and optimize your campaign over time.

Check out the Advanced Facebook Ads Course with Curt Maly if you are looking for more advanced training.

Skills you will master

Facebook AdsFacebook Ads CampaignsFacebook Ads CreativeFacebook Ads messagingFacebook MarketingMeta Ads

Victor A.

CXL gave me a big lift in my career.

Few months after my Growth Marketing Minidegree, I got a job.

Ever since then, the story has been different.

Tomek D.

Our Growth Marketing agency has completed 1298 lessons and 138 courses at the Institute so far. CXL helps us in a number of ways:
1. Provides an incredible source of content to train our staff.
2. Is a good tool in keeping our staff (they’re growing and we aid in that).
3. Is an awesome source of new opinions/methods to try out on our clients. 

Radvilas Š.

Anyone interested in genuinely understanding the math behind CRO and A/B testing absolutely has to use CXL.

My whole team has a great time discussing the material and aligning our views on processes we use, and to come up with ideas to implement in the future.

Ruben D.

The wide variety of courses taught by many different experts makes CXL highly recommended for every team who takes growth seriously.

New courses are regularly available, making it better and better. CXL is a great platform for learning and growing businesses.

Yasmine de Aranada, Growth Strategist @ Market 8

This course is packed with gold! Momoko is an awesome teacher – I took the course late so only got access to recordings, and even with that, I am able to use every bit of it in my deliverable.

Josh R.

CXL has lead to more professional growth than any other year of my life. The best educational investment I have ever made.

Chris Out

For the hard skills, we use CXL to enable all our growth hackers and CRO people, who have different clients with different needs. Everybody can follow a tailored course for the stuff that they need to learn. The next thing we do, we create a learning plan per person, and we check in with people to see how fast are they learning. That learning plan is created based on their ambitions, what their clients need, and how they want to evolve.

Crystal Ignatowski, Marketing Content Developer @ Surety Solutions

I’ll be honest, I didn’t entirely understand what the CXL was at first. Then, I realized it was a gold mine. The Institute is jam-packed with courses, certificate programs, and recordings of past events/courses. The CXL was my guide book for many many months and because of that, I am leaps and bounds above the rest. Everything the Institute publishes is part of the top 5%. There is no fluff in the Institute; only real, actionable, and result-driven content. If you think you know stuff, give the CXL a try. You’ll be shocked at how much you have to gain.

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Your course curriculum

Facebook Ads for Beginners

1 Event Tracking & Domain Verification

How to set up tracking and Aggregated Event Measurement

2 Campaign Structure & Ad Options

Understand the options that are set at the Campaign level of an account

3 Account Structure – Ad Set Options

Review the options and targeting that are set up in your Ad Set.

4 Creating Audiences

Learn how to create Audiences from your own data and Facebook’s

5 Understanding Privacy & Its Effects in Facebook Ads

An overview of how iOS14 changed the data you see and the optimization ability in Facebook.

6 Facebook Data vs. Other Sources

A brief case study in how Facebook Data will differ from other platforms.

7 Creative Messaging & Your Ads

Common constructs for creative, and how to plan effective creative tests.

8 Creative Strategies that Sell

Actionable, specific guidance on creative narratives.

9 Creative Strategies for Sales Campaigns

A few tricks of the trade for selling products on Facebook Ads.

10 Creative Strategies for Lead Generation

Suggestions to make sure your lead ads drive the right sign-ups at a good cost.

11 How to Structure Tests to Teach You Something

How Facebook handles creative testing, and ways you can manually approach it.

12 What Data Points Matter & How to Use Them

Cut through the data clutter and learn how to use your data when you start.

13 Course Wrap-Up

Review highlights and key takeaways from this course.

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Facebook Ads for Beginner course: FAQ

How long does it take to complete this course?

This is entirely up to you – it’s how many study hours per week you can put in. This course is 1h 30min long. The majority of people will complete the course in between 1 and 1.5 hours.

What does the course include?

Our Facebook Ads for Beginners training includes 14 lessons, 4 downloadable resources, 1h 30min of video material, several assignments, and a final exam.

Are subtitles available for the lessons?

Lessons have English subtitles and transcriptions available.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After taking this course, you will receive the Facebook Ads certification from CXL, with credentials that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What is the refund policy?

All plans come with a 7-day refund period 7-day no questions asked money-back period.