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Become great at integrated public relations & SEO

Create and execute highly effective PR and link building strategies

Course length: 2h 28min

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Lexi MillsCEO @ Shift6

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Create and execute highly effective PR and link building strategies

Through effective integration, you will be able to create measurable scalable results that impact reputation, rankings that don’t date with the google algorithm changes.

After taking this course you’ll…

  • Design, execute and promote a PR SEO program that builds brand, links and drives traffic.
  • Navigate the challenges of working with other departments and getting critical sign-off on projects and campaigns.
  • Measure and report the value of PR SEO work.
  • Understand what tools can support your work and how and when to use them.
  • Develop excellent on and offsite media relations materials to enhance the impact of your promotional work.

Lexi Mills

Lexi Mills is a multi-award-winning and data-driven digital marketing expert, specializing in PR SEO and emotionally intelligent business strategy. She’s President of The Future of Search Foundation and CEO of Shift6, an international consultancy that provides professional services and training to agencies, corporations, government entities, and investors.

Lexi’s research focuses on the opportunities and ethics of artificial intelligence, and the growing risk posed by bias within algorithms, particularly in healthcare sectors.

Your course curriculum

Integrated Public Relations and SEO

1 Introduction to PR SEO

Join Lexi as she introduces herself and outlines the rapidly growing field of PR SEO.

Topics covered:

  • The evolution of search engines
  • Real life examples
  • Blending PR and SEO specialityies
  • Changes in the way we work

2 Understanding links

Links are vital for driving organic traffic to a website via search engines and content placement on other sites. Quality links help to raise domain authority and therefore search engine ranking.

3 PR SEO’s role in brand, investment, and acquisition

Familiarity = favorability.

Topics covered:

  • What are P0 and smart results?
  • What rich search results mean for brands
  • Risk and opportunities

4 The challenges of an integrated strategy

Although the initial stages of getting a team to integrate can be challenging, all work should perform higher when all teams are pushing towards the same goals and supporting each other.

Topics covered:

  • Identify the risks of not integrating your strategy
  • Cover common challenges when working with other teams (and how to over them)
  • Define your strategy swimlanes

5 Risk managed PR SEO strategy

A summary of the contextual importance of building an audience for brand marketing, and the difference between audience building and customer acquisition.

Topics covered:

  • How to regulate client expectation
  • Building trust with clients
  • Avoid being a "bank robber" with your campaigns
  • Unravel the benefits of presenting a year long strategy

6 What content do you need on your site and why?

There are two types of visitors to your site: your customers and journalists. This lesson focuses on how to serve your journalist site visitor.

Topics covered:

  • Leveraging anchor content
  • Assessing media assets
  • The anatomy of a press center
  • How to structure an About us
  • The imporance of well executed headshots and biographies

7 Drumbeat PR SEO

Use the drumbeat approach to communicate a steady stream of large and small actions and stories, over time, to reinforce your client or site's mission and purpose.

Topics covered:

  • Maximizing your forward features
  • How to showcase awards
  • Writing bylines - from how to find targets, ideating, and how to pitch
  • Creating a parent OpEd list (template provided)

8 What to pitch and how

Pitching is part of the game. This lesson will get you ready.

Topics covered:

  • Pitching stragegt: from soft sell to day-of-launch
  • How to get multiple exlusives
  • Pitching on the phone
  • Real world examples

9 Press Materials

Journalists are busy and it is imperative that your press materials be presented in a professional manner. High-quality press materials do not go unnoticed.

Topics covered:

  • The anatomy of a story for media
  • What press materials are needed
  • Where to host your materials
  • Press release v. media alerts

10 Measurement, reporting, and targeting

What and how to track and measure PR SEO

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