Get certified in email marketing.

Online course: Email Marketing Fundamentals

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course length: 2h 36min | 15 lessons | 1 downloadable resource

Skills you will learn:

  • Best Practices: Avoid common pitfalls in design and content so you have the best chance of success.
  • Email Copywriting: Use proven approaches to copywriting to drive conversions.
  • Email List Growth: Grow your list and revenue coming from the channel.
  • Data-Driven Email Marketing: Use data to make your emails hyper-relevant.

Learn from experienced Marketing Strategist, Speaker, and founder of BetterAve, Jessica Best.

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English subtitles Certificate included

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Fast-track your career with an email marketing certification

Email is STILL the only channel in which you can get the highest ROI, driving $20+ for every $1 you invest. But only if you do it right.

After completing the Email Marketing Fundamentals course, you’ll master the 3 key components of email marketing:

  • Creative and content: Improve your email content to grow your return on investment.
  • Email strategy: Align your email strategy with your broader content efforts.
  • List growth: Optimize your email list to grow your revenue from email.
  • Using data in your emails: Turn your email program into a data-driven machine.

2h 36min. 15 lessons.

This is the ultimate training to drive revenue from your email campaigns, delivered by an expert with over 15 years of experience in email marketing, CRM, and permission-based data-driven marketing. So you can be confident that by the end of this training, you’ll be able to maximize results.

Giving you a total of 2h 36min of deep, comprehensive learning across 15 lessons:

  • The course is broken down into multiple bite-sized video lessons (with English subtitles) so you can conquer each new skill at a pace that suits you best.
  • You’ll earn a certificate at the end of the course to prove to your employer, clients, and wider network that you’re a certified LinkedIn Ads Experimentation master.

Jessica Best

Owner & Chief Strategist @ BetterAve

Jessica Best is the Owner and Chief Strategist of BetterAve, a consultancy focused on implementing marketing best practices and MarTech harmony she preaches on stage. She has over 15 years of experience in email marketing, CRM, and permission-based data-driven marketing.

She’s helped clients drive revenue from customer data in industries such as Restaurant and Hospitality, Travel, Retail, eCommerce, Nonprofit, Universities and more.

Bring value to your team and your clients:

This course is for you if…

  • Create the strategy, content, or send schedule for your company’s email marketing campaigns.
  • Haven’t had any formal training in email marketing but still lead the charge for your company.
  • Have been doing email marketing for years but suspect you aren’t getting a $20+ return on investment.
  • Want to show off your hard-earned skills with a brand-new certification.
  • Are looking to advance in your career or position yourself for a promotion.

Skills you will master

Email list growthEmail marketingEmail marketing copy

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Your course curriculum

Email Marketing Fundamentals

1 Being Ready for Email Marketing Greatness

Prepare for Email Marketing – Learn the significance of Email Marketing and its impact on your overall strategy.

2 Legal & Privacy Considerations

Learn more about crucial Legal & Privacy Considerations.

3 Deliverability

Embark on a lesson dedicated to Deliverability and unlock the secrets to email success.

4 Copywriting

Discover the essence of effective communication in our Copywriting Mastery lesson

5 Design

Discover design guidelines tailored for effective email communication, ensuring your messages are welcome in any inbox.

6 Rich Media

This lesson highlights the versatility of Rich Media in email marketing campaigns and how you can use animations and videos to benefit from more user engagement.

7 Get Ready for List Growth

This lesson prepares you for list growth, as you’ll gain an essential understanding of the DOs and DONTs.

8 The Importance of Permission

Learn why seeking your audience’s permission is key to the success of your Email Marketing campaign.

9 Optimizing Opt-in Forms

In this lesson on Optimizing Opt-in Forms, you will discover practical strategies to increase sign-ups from your website visitors.

10 Cross-Channel Promotion

In this lesson, you will learn valuable techniques to convert social media followers into email subscribers, how you can benefit from referral, paid media and affiliate marketing, as well as strategic partnerships.

11 Data that Drives Content

To become a proficient email marketer, you need to learn how to leverage data strategically.

12 Data that Drives Timing

Learn how to use automated campaigns to your advantage, how to trigger re-engagement among inactive subscribers, and how to turn them into advocates for your campaign.

13 Data that Drives Optimization

Enhance your tracking and learning capabilities by discovering the intricacies of Email Campaign Measuring and Reporting.

14 Connected Systems for Data-Driven Success

Examine the advantages of different data system setups and find the one that aligns with your needs.

15 Final Exam: Email Marketing Fundamentals

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