Increase Welcome Email Flow Revenue by Repurposing Top-Performing Newsletters

Increasing welcome email flow revenue

By repurposing the best-performing newsletters from the past two years into the welcome email flow, Rejoiner increased revenue per new subscriber by 181%.

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  • The company: Email service provider Rejoiner, working for a health & wellness client.
  • The goal: Increase conversions from the new subscribers welcome email flow.
  • The tactic: Repurpose the best-performing newsletters from the past two years, and increase the email frequency.
  • The result: 181.11% increase in revenue per new subscriber generated by the welcome flow.

What’s the fast marketing tactic?

The team at Rejoiner were tasked with optimizing their client’s new subscriber email flow. In order to increase conversions and revenue from this welcome flow, they:

  1. Repurposed the top-performing newsletters from the past two years, based on CTR (click-through rate) and GA last-click revenue. They excluded any newsletter that was time-sensitive in nature, keeping only evergreen content.
  2. Extended the welcome flow from 3 emails to 9 emails.
  3. Scheduled the emails to hit the recipients’ inbox every day at 6 a.m. in their timezone.

What was the result?

In the first 10 days after implementing this tactic, the team achieved:

  • 206.83% increase in last-click revenue from the welcome emails.
  • 55.67% increase in the conversion rate for traffic originating from the welcome flow.
  • 252% increase in transactions attributed to the welcome flow.

In the 3 months after making this change, the welcome email flow generated an average of $2.53 per new subscriber, which is an increase of 181.11%.

Why does it work?

  • Reusing top-performing content is a great way to engage new subscribers, as you already know that it resonates with your target audience.
  • The first two weeks after a new subscriber joins an email list are the most opportune for driving conversion: recency is high, and they are open to engaging with your message. 
  • The team observed a spike in engagement in the early morning for this brand. Therefore, they chose a 6 a.m. send to capitalize on this engagement.

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Increase Welcome Email Flow Revenue by Repurposing Top-Performing Newsletters