So You Wanna Do CRO? It’s a Great Business to Be In

So You Wanna Do CRO? It's a Great Business to Be In

While SEO and PPC are saturated markets that are getting harder and harder (while PPC costs keep rising), the conversion optimization market is just growing and growing. It’s a market where most competitors are good friends and openly sharing everything – there’s plenty of business to go around for all of us.

If you’re a digital marketer and are looking to specialize in CRO, watch this video where the optimization legend Craig Sullivan shares his thoughts on the topic:

If you enjoyed this video and want to learn to start and grow your CRO business, check out CRO Agency Masterclass live course with Craig Sullivan.

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  1. thanks for such an awesome article! i bookmarked this blog.

  2. This is a great video on CRO – there is indeed a common misconception that CRO is easy! Setting up a test and running it to completion is the easy part. It’s all the planning and investigation that goes in before the test is setup that takes skill and expertise, as well as the post test analysis and recommendations. What getting your “ducks in a row” actually looks like will vary from company to company but more often than not it involves multiple stakeholders and lots of discussion.

    The 4 points you mention agencies are falling short on are spot on! Identifying problem areas can lead to some really fruitful results in my experience and the point you make around lack of depth of understanding around analytics is also very true. It’s not just about looking at bounce rate, drop-off rates or time on page. It’s about taking a holistic approach which looks at multiple factors, in context, and identifying which goals can be improved upon.

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So You Wanna Do CRO? It’s a Great Business to Be In