How To Start A Business W/ Noah Kagan of AppSumo

How To Start A Business W/ Noah Kagan of AppSumo

Is it possible to make $1,000 profit with no list, on a business that’s less than 24 hours old?

Noah Kagan did, using nothing but a $0.99 domain from Godaddy, his Facebook connections, Linkedin, Skype & Gtalk

In this interview with Noah Kagan of AppSumo, we discuss:

  • How to start a business
  • Validating your business idea
  • Creating a budget to set goals and build a strategy
  • Finding your initial customers
  • Getting referrals
  • Scaling your business

That might sound basic, but Noah brings so much value to the table in this 38 minute interview, that I think this may be our best interview yet. You won’t want to miss a word.

Also, stick around until the end because Noah has an exclusive giveaway for CXL readers.

Disclaimer: some language may be NSFW

In case you prefer the audio version:

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What I really enjoyed about this interview is just how much honest detail Noah goes into for each step of the process. I got a lot out of this interview, and I really hope you do to.

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  1. Surprisingly, the biggest takeaway listening in to everything was keeping it straightforward and hustling. Like grabbing a text file and writing things down instead of something more complicated or formal. Extra useful to keep focus and avoid distractions.

  2. I’ve always resonated with reverse engineering and looking at things through the lens of “quant-based” marketing – glad to finally have a term for the way things work in my mind. Great stuff as always guys. Favorite daily read? http://www.tribe.ly

  3. Monthly1 wa hugely influential in getting my business off of the ground. The #1 takeaway for me from this interview and the course is validating.

    Before sinking 100’s of hours and effort into your ‘idea’ make sure people will give you money for it. If you can become an expert on that process, you can start anything.

    Derek Sivers wrote the best article I’ve seen on this: http://sivers.com/multiply

  4. Listening to the details of the thought process of a successful marketer opens up your mind to new avenues that you never thought about exploring. That’s why these talks are really great, they expand your vision.

    Since Noah said subreddit when talking about Digg, I have a feeling that he’s a reddit fan. My favorite subreddit these days: http://www.reddit.com/r/InternetisBeautiful

  5. Loved the straight talk from Noah. App Sumo’s subscriber numbers are super impressive. Thanks for doing the giveaway – my favourite site for daily reading is news.ycombinator.com.

    P.S. Tommy, you look nothing like your profile here :)

    1. Ha! Maybe it’s time for an updated head shot (or a shave?) What fo you think?

  6. Best website: http://evernote.com

    I made at least 4 notes from this presentation alone. Thank you Noah (can I call you Noah?) for all of the advice (most of the notes went under my “launching something” tag)

    PS. Cheesecake… strawberry or maybe caramel cheesecake. Since Mr. Kagan is such a foodie :P

  7. Great episode, the key to success is taking action and paying attention to the things that matter. Thanks for sharing.

    My favorite site is https://bench.co/

    They do next level stuff for my industry.

  8. My favorite site is zenhabits.net as it has a meaningful and timely message and a minimalist layout without too many links and flashy stuff.
    P.S. I second Chris’ view that Tommy looks nothing like his pic. For a moment, I thought I was watching the wrong video.

    1. Wait wait, are you talking about the image that’s on the video placeholder?

      If so that’s because that’s Noah! Lol :-p

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