Business Meetings: Making Introductions (The Right Way)

How do you make introductions with influencers, the right way? Be sincere, be specific, and don’t just ask them “to go for a cup of coffee.” Be successful in your following business meetings, start by introducing yourself the right way!

- Have you ever tried to reach out to an influencer, to, you know, get a cup of coffee or schedule a call? How you go about it? (upbeat music)
the worst thing you can say to somebody is like,
hey, can I pick your brain, or can I meet you for coffee? First it's a cliche, you know, people get 10 messages all the time, and it doesn't mean anything. And people are always like, is this worth my time? Do I really wanna talk to you? So as soon as you go with a vague opening like, pick your brain, the odds that this is going to succeed, that the request is going to be successful, the odds are very low. So instead you wanna be super specific. You also wanna open up some of your personal story. Like make them wanna help you, like, I am working on this project and I'm facing these challenges and because you have worked on xyz things, show that you've done your homework, I'm looking to, you know, to seek your guidance about problem one, two and three and you'll find that you'll be far more successful. (upbeat music)

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Business Meetings: Making Introductions (The Right Way)