Here’s How Your Guarantee Success

The secret of success?

Be the best. It’s the least crowded market.


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The Pe:p Show is a series of short and to the point videos. Topics that I’m covering go way past conversion stuff – it’s about optimizing all the things: your life, health, relationships, work, and business. I will also be interviewing industry peers on various topics like digital marketing, growth hacking, and more.

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  1. Hello Peep, thanks for the advice, the truth is that I’m really enjoying this initiative of the videos. I wanted to ask you a question: what happens when precisely everyone tells you that you are good because of multidisciplinary? In my case, I have trained in SEO and analytics, I have been working on it every day for 10 years! and I also know about advertising, strategy and design because they are my university studies. Even after the economic crisis, one day somebody told me “I want you to make a website and position it in two months”. This was in 2008. I have continued to train in design, UX, I have the certifications of AdWords and now I continue with CRO and working with SEO every day. Clients appreciate that I can advise them on everything, I could say that this is my value, my strong point. And I feel a brave woman for it in a sector where men predominate. I feel devotion for the CRO and in fact I am a student of the CXL Institute. Do you think I should continue to enhance the knowledge of multiple areas of knowledge as my potential value? That is what has led me to positions of responsibility in my work and to achieve good clients, but it is true that I do not know how to take a leap. I think it’s a question of visibility, of communicating to the world what you know how to do, I would like to know your opinion, thank you!

    1. Hey Esther. I seem to be a similar type of person as you describe, except started w/ software engineering and added a variety of skills to the portfolio over time (~20 years). Thus far I’m thinking: “specialist vs generalist” is pretty much a standard process for everybody reaching a certain business proficiency level, to go through.

      My experience has been that both specializing *and* generalizing *by yourself* have pretty well defined business growth limits – there’s a high probability you won’t reach the next level due to the inherent issues with either strategy. It’s about teaming up.

      Specialists – knowing one thing super well isn’t enough to be able to do the work, *and* deal with all the surrounding issues that come with trying to grow a business.

      Generalists – but if you don’t know anything super well, it’s difficult to define a unique value proposition and find true market inefficiencies, thereby clients won’t be attracted to you.

      *If* business growth is your goal, the best probability bet seems to be teaming up with a select set of other professionals, where each of you handle your specific role with deep know-how and skill, *and* everyone needs to know/learn generalist things somewhat well enough to be able to call bullshit when you hire someone to do additional business functions (for example: engineers, lawyers, etc).

      tl;dr Be a specialist, with an array of above-average generalist skills. Easy-peasy :D

  2. Hi Leho, thank you very much for your answer, the truth is that it seems very wise! In fact, I think that, referring to the trust that we create, some clients trust in my skills about coordinating and leading the project, while others do it when they realize that I have specialized knowledge in an area. Of course there are two pans that have to be maintained at the same time. The idea of having a team of specialists seems very intelligent and, perhaps, it would give me more time to specialize myself too. These are options that I have to reflect on. Thanks again! ^^

    1. Everything is a test. Definitely test it.

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