Taking time to think: Do you dedicate time for thinking? Here’s why you should.

Are you taking time to think, just think? Dedicated time for thinking is the key to your own personal growth and development. In this episode, Peep discusses why and how dedicated time to just think actually creates more opportunities for growth and better quality ideas.

Speaker 1: How often do you take time just thinking.
You know if you read the top say management gurus like Warren
Buffet and Richard Branson Bill Gates they all talk about thinking or dreaming time in their weekly schedule you know like Buffett sometimes takes a day doing nothing with his notebook looking out the window and just thinking about stuff. Bill Gates also known for taking a two week long trips a year to just think about stuff. What I'm telling you is that if you're just in the right to use this thing in your daily you know getting things done mode you stop thinking about what is the best thing to do to begin with like what should you be focusing on. In some of the top companies there is mandatory thinking time for all top executives. They need to schedule like four hours five hours a week of like uninterrupted time like there are no meetings get booked. Nobody calls them nobody asked them anything they're locked into office and maybe they don't go into the office. They're just there thinking about stuff how to you know what is then what is the next opportunity to go after what is the best way to actually organize this. Know whatever your position might be that there's stuff to it that you have to think about. So what I recommend you do is look at your calendar and put a recurring even just the three hours slot in your weekly calendar where it's just thinking time just sit down and think and what you realize is that you get a better sense of control. You get better insights and you'll utilize your time better.

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Taking time to think: Do you dedicate time for thinking? Here’s why you should.