How to network with people in business with David Gonzalez from IMParty

Why is networking and building business relationships important for growth? It seems that most people who go to conferences or industry events don’t know how to network. How do you become better at networking?

What else can you do to like maybe you're seeing something I really want to talk to that person. The lakes don't really know how to start clarity of intention and having that intention be almost third party verified. Any schmuck can have an intention. I want to get laid. I want to get rich. I want to get skinny.
Hey guys I'm here with David
Gonzalez and David here runs this event called the Internet Marketing Party and there was just a 10 year anniversary. And David here is a super connector so he knows everybody. And I go to events and you probably go to events and I go to David's events every now and then and and I am my own events and I see people going to these events and failing at networking. You know there's a guy that just tries to sell you something. And so like a lot of people don't know how to network. So what would you say what's the best way to go about it. Well as we talked about for a second before we started there are people that have this process codified way better than I do because I'm more of an organic networker. I love networking and I hate the word like most even even people that don't like networking hate the word. So it's one of those weird things that when it's done right. Like nobody likes a salesperson but when someone's good at selling you you like buying from them right. So I kind of feel like a good networker somebody you enjoy conversing with. So if you know the art and the skill of conversation then you are automatically a good networker. It doesn't matter whether it's at an event with a thousand people or a small intimate dinner party with six people or even if you have one friend over to share with you on a podcast or a video blog like technically speaking you could argue that we're networking right now with our invisible in that moment that you're watching this you are no longer invisible you have become real It's like Schrodinger's kind of thing and I don't mean to sound metaphysical but at the end of the day you and me are having a conversation then that conversation is being transferred to to the viewer right now. But if we were on at an event technically speaking we're either going to step away from the crowd and just have a one on one like sometimes the speaker comes off the stage and the people crowd them. You'll notice sometimes if somebody is really prominent they can pull the speaker away from the crowd. You've seen that happen right. I give you. No I don't think it's like who's out there like that's the head of operations at Google and everybody's like oh like don't even try and listen. Like give them even if you're in a crowded room right. So that leads to the idea of like no no. When I say no your place I don't mean that as in like at the end of the day like we're all created great like equally like where else are astronauts on this spaceship Earth right. So like nobody's better than anybody and in the context of business sometimes it's worth giving credence and paying attention to pecking order meaning if you're brand new in an industry and you're when you have a vision and a goal and an idea of where you want to be. There's a giant gap between there in time and experience and energy and attention and education and intellectual property. There's all the assets that you could possibly amass to get you from there to there in a shorter amount of time. Like if you've got a lot of capital you can show up at an event. If you had one hundred million dollars liquid in your bank account you can show up to pretty much an event and don't have to pay the same kind of pecking order attention because they probably would like some of that money. Yeah yeah. So it's hard to go and connect to A-list celebrities but rather connect with people at your own level and grow together.
And you pay attention like you you care you put some thought in it. Yeah. So besides being a great you know bringing great and having conversations and just making a human connection what else can you do to like maybe you're seeing something I really want to talk to that person but like I don't really know how to start or go you've led right into the next thing which is I alluded to it but I don't think I did a good enough job of clarifying what it is it's clarity of intention and having that intention be almost third party verified because Any schmuck can have an intention. I want to get laid. I want to get rich. I want to get skinny like like so but like Do you have a trusted adviser whether it's a business partner a consultant a spouse. You can say hey my intention for this event that I'm going to is X do you where do you see the flaws in that. Well that's that's pretty big. What you're looking for. I think you should ask. You should go there with a bigger intention and like get clarity on your intention with a third party that you trust and respect to. Then when you're interacting with people the conversations are geared towards those intentions because sometimes you need to go deep to hit a certain intention. But if you want more interviews like this. Subscribe to my channel.

In this episode, Peep and David Gonzalez, Founder of Internet Marketing Party discuss building better business relationships, establishing trust, and the importance of having an advisor or partner to keep you in check. What is your intention? This is a key factor in determining your growth and success at networking at conferences or industry events. Don’t be a commodity at the event, be the hot topic.

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