Triple Your Outbound Results by Uncovering Buying Triggers

By identifying buying triggers, and reaching out to prospects at the right time, Alexis Martial tripled the number of demo requests for his B2B management software client.


  • The company: Outbound Specialist Alexis Martial, working for a workplace management software.
  • The goal: Grow sales pipeline by improving outbound targeting.
  • The tactic: Uncover buying triggers and reach out to prospects at the right time.
  • The result: 3x more demo requests in 40 days.

What’s the marketing tactic?

“When do companies really need our product?”.

Alexis kept asking this question to colleagues talking to their customers every day.

He kept hearing “Vacant spaces in buildings” and “new construction projects”.

These are two key buying triggers.

Knowing what to look for, made the rest much easier.

Websites that have information on all the buildings in the country. Niche newspaper publications. Developers promoting new building projects on their websites.

They all have this information. Scrape it and enrich your CRM with it.

Now target your customers with specific and relevant emails .

The result?

In just 40 days, this tactic led to:

  • 10% positive reply rate on emails, with recipients interested in booking a meeting.
  • 3x more demo requests with much narrower targeting

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Triple Your Outbound Results by Uncovering Buying Triggers