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Customer Feedback Cycle

Customer personas

Customer personas are detailed representations of segments within your target audience. Fueled by data-driven research, they map the “who” behind the buying decisions of your products or services.

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Testimonials: How & Why to Get Them (+ Tons of Examples)

Testimonials and word of mouth are the driving force behind 2050% of all purchasing decisions, and yet only about one-third of businesses actively seek and collect customer reviews on an ongoing basis.

If you’re not investing in testimonials right now, you need to read this.

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Onboarding Emails: What Happens after They Sign-Up?

Think about every lead magnet you’ve ever signed up for.

Of all of those free ebooks, courses, and discount codes, how many onboarding flows actually convinced you to become a customer?

And, if they did, how many do you still buy from?

Judging by my own inbox after I hand over my email address, what happens is just…disappointing.

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How Unbounce Used Webinars To Increase Free Trial Starts By 35%

I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh… webinars…” I couldn’t agree with you more.

They’re played out, they can feel dirty, and definitely have a high reputation of being – in general – thinly veiled pitch feasts.

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Why You Need Business Development w/ Hunter Boyle of AWeber

Today, I was fortunate enough to get Hunter Boyle – Senior Business Development Director of AWeber to talk with us about what exactly business development is, and the role it can play on conversions.

Because this is a new feature for CXL, I would love to get your feedback so we can keep making it better.

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How to Get Subscribers to Actually Consume Your Content

You have an opt-in form on your site and somebody filled it in. Hooray! You just gained another subscriber on their way to read your content and buy your stuff. Or did you…

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