A Simple Popup Accelerates Email List Growth

A Simple Popup Accelerates Email List Growth

By revamping an existing pop-up, and using a map and a hook to bring users to a simple email sign-up form. Dandelion Branding increased their client’s sign-ups by 6.32%.

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  • The author: Courtney Hume, Co-Founder at Dandelion Branding.
  • The goal: Convert high traffic into mailing list sign-ups.
  • The tactic: Revamp the pop-up, using a map and a hook to bring the user to a simple email sign-up form.
  • The result: A sustained and dramatic increase in sign-ups – 6.32% opt-in rate.

What’s the fast marketing tactic?

Dandelion Branding, a marketing agency, worked with a medical courier, MCI, to expand the company beyond its local area. A pillar of their strategy was to generate leads around the United States. 

To do this, they built a simple email lead capture pop-up that produced massive results. 

At first, they discovered that the map of MCI’s service area was complicated and presented technical issues. However, upon examining the map on their website, they found that visitors engaged with it despite its limited functionality. 

To maximize the map and capture more leads, they removed the old one and created a new, easy-to-use map for visitors to determine if MCI serviced their area.

Here’s a look at what they created:

The map isn’t interactive, doesn’t redirect visitors to a landing page, and has a clear call to action: “Click here to see our service area.” 

When visitors click on the map, they are taken to a straightforward offer-free email sign-up form.

As we said, this was a simple yet effective tactic.

Check out the results it produced.

What was the result?

The results were dramatic.

Before they launched this email lead capture form, MCI’s email signups were next to nothing. Afterward, their email signups went through the roof.

As of December 2023, the conversion rate has stayed  steady at 6.32% and produced these results:

Dandelion Branding added the email signup lead capture form around September 2022, and it’s still active today. It’s clear how this simple, and fast tactic, produced significant results compared to their previous efforts. 

Why does it work?

The success of this tactic comes from two different places. 

First, their tactic was rooted in data. Dandelion Branding analyzed MCI’s website and observed user behavior to identify what turned out to be a high-impact tactic. 

This is a smart move because they examined the site’s traffic to identify areas they could optimize. 

Similarly, examine your site and marketing and sales funnel to see if you can identify areas of improvement or opportunities to pursue. 

Second, they launched a simple idea that ended up producing significant results.

There are times when your ideas will work, and there will be times when they won’t. The big idea is to identify tactics to pursue and launch simple plans to see what you can learn.

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A Simple Popup Accelerates Email List Growth