Driving Organic Traffic from Google Discover With Compelling Web Stories

Driving Organic Traffic from Google Discover With  Compelling Web Stories

By researching topics and creating compelling Web Stories, Aatif Mohd improved 2.2 million organic from Google Discover in 6 months.

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  • The author: Aatif Mohd, SEO Consultant at Aatif Mohd Ventures.
  • The goal: Boosting eCom organic traffic.
  • The tactic: Research topics and create compelling Web Stories.
  • The result: People engage on the Web Stories, driving traffic from Google Discover.

What’s the fast marketing tactic?

Aatif Mohd saw lifestyle and news publishers regularly getting picked up on Google Discover and generating huge amounts of organic traffic, and thought…

Why can’t we use this strategy to drive traffic to an eCom store?

He decides to experiment with “Web Stories”, engaging full-screen web content with a strong visual element.

Just like an Instagram Story, but in the browser.

Here is an example:

He put the hours in, researching topics that made people want to click or share. This is the key, as Google Discover sends traffic to content that is getting engagement.

He used BuzzSumo to measure the number of comments and shares that existing topics in the niche were getting, then selected the most engaging.

Then, after sourcing open-source images, they used this free, open-source WordPress Plugin to put the stories together before publishing them on the domain of the eCom store.

What was the result?

The result was undeniably positive with organic traffic generated by these Web Stories rocketing from 0 to 2.2 million in six months from July to December of this year:

With the bulk of it coming from Google Discover:

Why does it work?

The strategy relies on compelling and engaging, cleanly designed Web Stories with content that is proven to drive engagement.

The key is the research phase: finding topics that are already getting engagement, then formatting them into this new, highly engaging format.

One thing that’s always been true about people browsing the internet is that their attention is always there to be grabbed. Doing so can be simple but it requires a little energy and a little research. Big businesses are yet to embrace Web Stories, with much aren’t doing this yet with much of the traffic being captured by smaller publishers and affiliate sites. All of this means there is a window of opportunity, especially for smaller eCom brands.

In addition, Web Stories don’t cost must to create: use open-source images, a low-skilled designer and free software to host them.

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Driving Organic Traffic from Google Discover With Compelling Web Stories