Boost Ad Performance 4X by Pruning Negative Comments

Boost Ad Performance 4X by Pruning Negative Comments

By managing negative comments on Facebook Vasyl Sergienko improved reach and boosted ad performance 4X.

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  • The author: Vasyl Sergiienko, Client Solutions Manager at Meta.
  • The goal: Reach more eyes with Facebook ad campaigns.
  • The tactic: Manage the comments section and keep it clear of negative comments.
  • The result: A significant decrease in cost per install.

What’s the fast marketing tactic?

Vasyl works at Meta and was interested in the effect of comments on the success of Facebook ad campaigns. 

He ran two Facebook ad campaigns: one with negative comments and another without comments.

Then it was a simple case of measuring the cost per install of each campaign and comparing them.

What was the result?

The ad campaign without any comments performed significantly better. The cost per install was four times cheaper than the campaign with negative comments. 

For version A (with negative comments) there were 106 results recorded from a $499.26 investment. 

That comes to a total of $4.69 per result. 

That’s compared to 341 results for version B without comments, which had a nearly identical outlay. The cost per result for B was $1.46, which is roughly 68 percent cheaper.

Why does it work?

It’s a simple concept, keeping your comments section well-pruned of negative comments. But the reason why it’s particularly effective is because people tend to make very quick, almost unconscious decisions on how much they trust a brand.

If a campaign is blighted by comments criticizing the brand, consumers are more likely to accept that commentary rather than look into it themselves and take a risk.

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Boost Ad Performance 4X by Pruning Negative Comments