Customer Stories: Scaling to own 30% of market share in just three years

Doxy.me - Customer Stories

Among the many industries that saw unprecedented growth in the past years, telehealth saw millions of users flocking to online platforms to seek medical advice or mental health therapy.

That served as a catalyzer for startups that had already been steadily growing, like Doxy.me.

The platform has now become an industry leader, owns 30% of the telehealth market share, and has 1M+ medical providers. Today, we’re telling you how CXL was key in upskilling its marketing team.

Connecting providers with patients: the Doxy.me story

Doxy.me offers a service that connects providers with their patients.

The company has quickly scaled from 8 to 130 employees in three years, and its business model includes a free version that is used by 50% of its users, who can reach out to patients at no cost.

Simplicity and intuitiveness are some of the key elements in their value proposition. They target providers all over the world, who want to get started as fast as possible.

This is also ensured with a quick signup process that has little friction.

Their marketing also differs between the two types of customers they target: for providers, Doxy.me uses a more patient-centric product marketing strategy, whereas the solution for clinics relies more on workflows that are optimized for a team of providers.

Upskilling a marketing team with CXL

In a very competitive market that’s benefited from the shift to telemedicine during the pandemic, being a rapidly scaling organization with employees from diverse backgrounds, Doxy.me recognized a need for continuous education for its team.

Overall, training is absolutely essential for personal and professional growth.

It empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to succeed in their position as well as contribute to the success of their organization.

Paige Treadway, Customer Success Manager at Doxy.me

They wanted their employees to be well-rounded and capable in their respective fields, whether finance, development, or engineering, and also to be familiar with other aspects of the business.

It was a no-brainer that, to achieve this, they needed a structured, comprehensive learning solution. They chose CXL.

We’re all UX certified. And it’s encouraged us to get a wide variety of knowledge so that we can do our jobs better and serve our employees and our customers.

Kate Miller, Accounting Manager at Doxy.me

Doxy.me explored several solutions to add more value to their team, ranging from live speakers and recommended books, to other learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning.

Training a team to advance their skills (marketing ones, in this case) is a self-feeding loop that fastens growth.

The team sharpens their skills and goes on to become experts, delivering better work and feeding into happier customers.

That means more word of mouth, more referrals, and increased retention.

When looking for that training solution, CXL stood out due to the broad variety of courses that could cater to different marketing departments.

Doxy.me then adopted a process where employees indicate the courses they want to take, get approval from their managers, and then the company signs them up for the All-Access CXL subscription to access best practices across CRO, analytics, and growth.

So far, it’s been all good feedback. Lots of team members appreciate earning certificates as they go through the courses, as it shows you’re accomplishing progress.

Kate Miller

They also implemented regular follow-ups monthly to ensure the employees were making progress.

[Because of CXL] I’m better able to guide my direct reports in meaningful and impactful activities.

Rebecca Dean, Head of Enterprise at Doxy.me

Some teams have successfully applied knowledge gained from courses such as the Product Messaging and Copywriting one, which contributed to the creation of their new marketing website. 

Product messaging course

Our marketing courses also helped create a shared language and understanding across the different marketing teams, fostering better collaboration and overall company growth.

Doxy.me providing CXL courses has given me really unique opportunities to grow professionally and learn from speakers with all different backgrounds.

I have loved learning from people at different companies and seeing the presentations that they put together.

I found the quizzes and learning style very helpful for someone who is working full time and needs to retain their learnings!

Kennedy Pettengill, Senior Business Success Manager at Doxy.me

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