Treecard’s 1K% Surge with TikTok Spark Ads

Treecard’s 1K% Surge with TikTok Spark Ads

By sourcing a high number of creatives and testing them to allocate budget to the best performers, Kurve increased Treecard’s app install by 1,027%.

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  • The company: Kurve Marketing Consultancy, working on behalf of Treecard.
  • The goal: To increase downloads of Treecard’s app and increase the efficiency of ad spend.
  • The tactic: Sourcing a high number of creatives and splitting them between a testing group and a winning group to allocate budget to the best performers.
  • The result: 1,027% app install increase, -63% app install cost reduction, +327% spend increase.

What’s the fast marketing tactic?

Treecard, a free app that plants trees, has ambitious goals.

To grow their presence in the United States, they partnered with Kurve Marketing Consultancy to drive more app installations and activate new users to participate in their Walk to Plant campaign. 

To do this, they set their eyes on testing TikTok Spark Ads. 

After testing, Kurve started sourcing creator videos and amplifying them through TikTok Spark Ads, a native ad format that allows brands to use organic posts as advertisements. 

Here’s an example:

To do this, they split their TikTok creatives between two campaigns. 

The first campaign was only for testing, and they designed the second group of campaigns to rapidly deploy new videos and allocate budget to their best performers. 

They discovered that breaking up their campaigns in this way was pivotal. 

Kurve also leveraged TikTok’s Video Insights to decipher whether their campaigns were successful—or not—while creators continued producing content based on these findings. 

Here’s another look:

The more detail about which words, actions, images, and sounds were boosting the app’s installations, the more Kurve could fine-tune future content to maximize impact.

Over two months, Kurve sourced and analyzed 100 creatives, learning what worked and what didn’t. Based on their findings, Treecard could spend more on advertisements to generate the best results and further its mission.

What was the result?

Treecard app installs skyrocketed by 1027%. 

Know what else?

They also reduced how much they spent per app install by 63%.

That’s a good one-two combo!

Check out these results:



Why does it work?

Kurve utilized data and acted quickly to ensure the success of its strategy. 

Several noteworthy aspects of their approach stand out.

First, they kept their eye on the data. 

In other words, they monitored what worked and what didn’t work. From there, they deprioritized what wasn’t working and focused on optimizing their efforts and budget to support the highest ROI campaigns. 

Second, they created a process to move fast. 

By splitting up their campaigns, the team at Kurve could move quickly on testing new ideas and then using what they learned as fuel for their other campaigns. 

Finally, they worked with creators to create content. 

Partnering with creators is becoming increasingly popular. This is because brands can reach their target market through the people they follow. 

And here’s one extra tidbit to callout about TikTok ads:

TikTok’s content distribution model is unique as it can reach everyone, not just followers, resulting in massive potential for exponential growth.

Kurve’s success offers three valuable lessons for your strategy:

  1. Monitor data to build effective tactics.
  2. Establish a quick-testing process for campaign optimization.
  3. Partner with creators to reach your target audience.

Apply these lessons to enhance your tactics to drive better results.

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Treecard’s 1K% Surge with TikTok Spark Ads