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How To Improve Conversion Rate for Welcome Email Flows With Zero-Party Data

Tactic #18 Improve conversion rate for welcome email flows with zero-party data

By tailoring welcome emails with zero-party data, segmenting their audience, and using conditional splits in their automation platform, No Limit Email was able to increase their client’s placed order rate by 200%.

Here’s exactly how they did it.

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The goal: Improve the conversion rate of the welcome email flow

A skincare brand was using a popup on their website to capture visitors’ email addresses. These new customers were then all added to the same welcome email flow, with the goal of converting them into making a purchase.

The company tasked retention marketing agency No Limit Email with finding ways to significantly increase conversions on these welcome emails.

The fast marketing tactic: Tailor welcome emails using zero-party data

No Limit Email segmented and tailored the welcome email flow according to different customer profiles. 

They did this by adding multiple-choice questions to the website popup form, in order to collect zero-party data from customers (i.e., data that customers willingly share with the company). These included:

  • What’s your biggest goal right now?
  • What’s most important to you when choosing a product?

Using this data, they segmented their audience and used conditional splits in their automation platform to tailor emails. The welcome emails could now deliver a more relevant customer experience for each customer segment.

The result: 200% increase in placed order rate

The team tested this new approach in June and July 2023. These were their results for the first welcome email of the flow:

  • 280% increase in email click rate, from 9.9% to 27.5%.
  • 200% increase in conversion rate (placed orders) from 8.3% to 17.2%.

While the longer popup form led to an expected slight decrease in signups, this still led to a higher purchase rate overall.

Why does it work?

  • Without any context on the customer, your messaging will stay generic. This limits what you can do to influence conversions in the welcome flow.
  • You can also only guess what your new contacts are interested in, based on historical market research and customer data. But who your existing customers are is not always who your new prospects are.

Meet the specialist behind this tactic

Michael Galvin is the Co-Founder of No Limit Email. The agency specializes in advanced customer retention strategies, with a goal to ensure marketing decisions make a difference on the PnL, and don’t just look fancy.

Follow Michael on LinkedIn for more of his insights.

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