How Reloadly Ranked #1 for a High-Value Keyword With Topical Authority


By developing topical authority and combining both informational and transactional pages, Mint Position made Reloadly rank #1 for a high-value transactional keyword.

Here’s exactly how they did it.

The goal: Get a product page to rank for a high-value transactional keyword

B2B payments API provider Reloadly tasked their SEO content agency Mint Position with getting their new product, a gift card API, to rank highly for the search term in the US.

The Marketing tactic: Develop topical authority with a supporting tutorial article

To be able to rank for the high-intent search term “gift card API,” Mint Position created two pieces of content that targeted relevant buyers:

  1. A product page. This was built around the target transactional keywords “gift card API” and “gift card voucher API,” and presented Reloadly as the solution for those use cases.
  2. A product tutorial blog article. The article targeted the keyphrase “gift card reseller API,” which the team identified as being connected to their audience’s pain points. It included an interview with the Head of Product, and a step-by-step guide with plenty of screenshots.

The team then cross-linked the two pages, so that the tutorial page could assist the product page in ranking higher for the transactional keywords.

The result: #1 position for a buyer-intent keyword and +124 conversions

Shortly after creating both articles, Reloadly ranked #3 in the US for “gift card API” with their product page, and #1 for “gift card reseller API” with their tutorial article.

In the first month after publishing the articles, Reloadly achieved:

  • 99 new conversions coming from the product page.
  • 25 new conversions coming from the blog page.

Since Reloadly mainly targets CEOs and CTOs, this volume of new B2B conversions is a significant result.

Why does it work?

Developing topical authority makes it easier to rank for keywords with a high search volume and strong competition. Through cross-linking, informational and educational pages can assist the product page in ranking for the main transactional keyword.

How to implement this tactic yourself

  1. Conduct keyword research to identify transactional keywords. Make sure they’re aligned with your target audience’s pain points.
  2. Optimize your product pages to cover those transactional keywords, while presenting your product as a solution for the customer’s pain points.
  3. Create informational content around the topic. This can include tutorials or other educational pages. Make sure the product page keywords are tied to the content of this page.
  4. Cross-link the informational and transactional pages to help rank for the target keywords.

Meet the specialist behind this tactic

Justin Calderon is a journalist with bylines in the BBC, CNN, Newsweek, and other media. He founded Mint Position, an agency that applies SEO-focused content marketing to produce intelligent content that ranks and converts.

Follow Justin on LinkedIn for more insights.

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