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Upcoming courses

Radical Differentiation

Grow your confidence, look beyond demographics to define a market that can’t wait to hear from you, engineer your very own differentiation to stand out, and ‘jolt’ your market into action so they notice you, trust you, and buy from you.

positioning | marketing strategy | differentiation | branding

Automation with Apps Script

Learning by example and by building mini applications to automate your daily workflow. The course will be more focused on practical skills and touch on theory when it is required. Understanding what’s possible, where to find information, and understanding general concepts are more important than memorization, therefore no prior programming experience is required. When advanced concepts are introduced, we’ll break it down into manageable chunks and make sure you’re confident before heading into the next phase of learning.

JavaScript for marketers

This course is intended for Marketers who need to understand the basics of JavaScript to be able to view, run, and modify scripts rather than create from scratch or build applications. In other words, students who do not intend to become developers.


A distinctive brand story helps define and successfully communicate unique personal and business attributes. Storytelling has become a powerful business tool in today’s digital age because it begins and ends with empathy, driving an immersive and emotional experience for stakeholders and audiences that inspires them to action. In this insightful and heartfelt course, Miri leverages excerpts from her new book Brand Storytelling to help you become a skilled storyteller iso that you can successfully keep relevant in the marketplace, drive engaging relationships and win in business and in life.

CRO program management

Become more strategic and ultimately more successful in running an experimentation (CRO, testing, CX) program for your organization or client. This course provides tools and principles around a programs 1. strategy and culture, 2. tools and data, 3. people and skills, and 4. process and methods.

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