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Who are you more likely to trust to tell you the truth: a preschool teacher or a used car salesman? A firefighter or a magician? A child or a politician?

Some people are simply deemed more or less credible based on surface-level factors. The same is true for websites. [Tweet It!]

You have to know what makes your site the child or the politician.

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Let’s say you just started using a new SaaS product. Who do you think would be able to explain the product to you more clearly: an engineer, a marketer or a customer service representative? You’d think the person who helped bring the product to life (the engineer), right?

His definition, however, would likely be more detailed and complex, thus, more difficult for you, a first-time user, to understand.

As it turns out, marketers struggle with clarity, too. And it’s hurting your conversions in surprising ways.

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Lies Your Designer Told You (or Data vs Design)

Designers versus data more than ever deserves its place in the pantheon of great conflicts: the Hatfields vs. McCoys, Android vs. iOS, Social Media Marketing vs. Results, Athens vs. Sparta, the Doctor vs. Daleks, Auburn vs. Alabama, and Fox News vs. reality.

We make this out to be some great collision of disciplines when in fact they are not opposites and they can and should work together.

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