How ConversionWise Increased Revenue per Session With a Clickable USP Message


By adding a clickable USP message to the bar they used for announcements, linking to high-margin products, ConversionWise was able to increase revenue per session by 26%.

Here’s exactly how they did it.

The goal: Increase revenue per session

ConversionWise was tasked with increasing revenue per session for their client, an ecommerce store that sells kitchen utensils. 

The ecommerce website already had an announcement bar at the top of all (pre-checkout) webpages. Heatmap data showed that many users were trying to click this bar.

At the same time, surveys showed that users found the product guarantee to be the company’s most compelling USP (unique selling proposition).

The team therefore put two and two together. They used the announcement bar to outline the high-value USP. They then made this bar clickable, redirecting users to high-ticket product bundles.

Example of a clickable announcement bar highlighting the lifetime warranty USP.

The result: 26% increase in revenue per session

This change led to a 26% increase in revenue per session (+$0.34 per session). That’s an increase of $74K in revenue per month.

Why does it work?

  • Heatmap data for this site showed that many users already try to click the announcement bar at the top of the page, even if it’s not clickable. Making it clickable therefore captures this engagement.
  • Highlighting your key value proposition helps you build trust and overcome hesitations among shoppers. 
  • Linking this value message to a product page helps to sell more products on this page, as the user is reminded of the value, making it a great place to feature your high-margin products or product bundles.

Meet the specialist behind this tactic

Oliver Kenyon has worked in conversion rate optimization (CRO) since 2013. He co-founded ConversionWise, which has since worked with over 3,500 brands, including ecommerce giants and influential figures. Subscribe to ConversionWise’s newsletter for more CRO tips.

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How ConversionWise Increased Revenue per Session With a Clickable USP Message