Dan Carmel

dan carmel

Dan is the Director of Growth Marketing at InfiniGrow. A marketer and developer, Dan has headed growth, acquisition, strategy, and analysis teams for eight years. He also builds tools to help marketers automate their work and improve performance. Visit tshaped.io to learn more about his projects.

Want to Reduce CPA? Try Machine Learning–Driven Retargeting.

The way we do retargeting is restrictive.

Creating a tailored, personalized campaign is often done with micro-triggers: Did the user spend more than X minutes on the site? Did they view more than Y pages? Did they add to cart? Are they visiting on mobile?

All of these data points personalize the messaging for retargeting campaigns.

But even a talented campaign manager can juggle only so many variables. Eventually, you end up with tons of segments that are difficult and time-consuming to manage. 

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