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Become great at Account Based Marketing

Land Bigger Deals Faster

Learn how to plan, build, test, measure, optimize, and scale account-based marketing in any B2B company.

Online course:
Account based marketing

By Steve Watt,

Marketing [email protected] Seismic

Course length: 3h 00min

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Master the strategies, tactics, metrics, and wisdom you need to become an ABM leader and accelerate the growth of your company and of your career

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest topic in B2B because, when done right, it WORKS. Companies of all sizes, in all industries, are closing bigger deals faster and more efficiently by thinking and operating very differently.

Others are struggling to implement ABM because they fail to understand how fundamentally different it is from traditional inbound and outbound B2B sales and marketing. Their shortcuts and missteps waste time and money, then they write ABM off as another fad while their competitors leave them in their dust.

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After taking this course, you’ll:

  • Clearly explain what ABM is, what it isn’t, and how it challenges so many of the beliefs, practices, and metrics taken for granted in almost every B2B organization.
  • Evaluate the three types of ABM and determine which one(s) are best for your company (hint: it’s very likely that a blended approach of two or even all three is best).
  • Gain enthusiastic executive and cross-functional alignment and co-ownership. Marketers who try to do it alone fail.
  • Develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), tier strategy, cluster strategy, and contact identification plan that goes well beyond basic demographics and technographics.
  • Plan the right multi-threaded, multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns and cadences to cut through the noise and become a priority for your most valuable prospects.
  • Understand the ABM technology landscape, what tools may be right for your particular challenges, and when to introduce them. Don’t fall into the trap of buying new technology too soon.

Milford Crosby

I liked the whole course. I learned and felt entertained at the same time. Win win.

Milkah Simiyu

Engaging and practical lessons.

Troy Pacheco

The number of real-life examples in this course made it easy to identify how we could add some of these strategies to our existing marketing environment.

Learn how to plan, build, test, measure, optimize, and scale Account-Based Marketing in any B2B company, and in any industry

ABM is strategy and execution, creativity and analytics, established best practices and continuous experimentation.

If ABM is already part of your job, this course will give you the frameworks, tools, and insights you need to perform at much higher levels. If your company isn’t there yet, or if you’re looking to join a new company, this course will position you to powerfully and credibly evangelize and lead what could be the most impactful growth strategy the company has ever employed.

Ideal for you if…

  • You work in (or want to work in) a B2B organization with average deal sizes of $10k or greater.
  • You want to elevate yourself above the masses of marketers vying for promotions and new opportunities to lead growth initiatives.
  • You are a CEO, CMO, CRO, or sales leader seeking larger deals, shorter sales cycles, higher margins, and greater customer retention and upsell.

This course is probably not for you if…

  • You firmly believe that activity metrics (dials etc.) drive sales performance, top of funnel metrics (leads etc.) drive marketing performance, and all you need is more of the same.
  • You expect immediate results and will not invest in new ways of doing business that require planning, building, and iterating over many months (even years in some cases).
  • You don’t work well with others. ABM is extremely collaborative and cannot be done “heads-down” in isolation.
  • You are already an ABM expert. While this course will cover a lot of advanced material, those who are well versed in ABM strategy, tactics, metrics and tools will find some sections redundant.

Skills you should have before taking this course:

This course is appropriate for novice, beginner, and intermediate-level ABM leaders and practitioners, as well as for senior B2B leaders interested in building more strategic, collaborative sales & marketing alignment. Once foundational topics have been covered, we’ll quickly move into rather advanced concepts.

  • Students should have a basic foundation in B2B sales and marketing strategies, processes, and metrics. As the saying goes, you’ve got to know the rules before you break them.

Steve Watt

Marketing [email protected] Seismic

Steve Watt has been on a deep dive into ABM for two and a half years (which is actually a pretty long time in such a new and fast-growing field). He led creation of a very successful ABM practice in one company, failed in an attempt to do the same in a

Steve Watt has been on a deep dive into ABM for two and a half years (which is actually a pretty long time in such a new and fast-growing field). He led creation of a very successful ABM practice in one company, failed in an attempt to do the same in another (and now knows why), and has worked as an ABM consultant and advisor for two other firms.

He is currently Marketing Director at Seismic, helping make sales teams better by becoming more productive and engaging with buyers in a compelling way.

Course overview

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Account based marketing

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