Sam Kuehnle

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Sam Kuehnle is the VP of Marketing at Loxo. From working in-house at a publicly traded company to advising seed stage companies to everything in between, he’s quickly learned how fickle these environments can be and that in order to be successful, adaptation is a marketer’s greatest strength.

How Medium of Content Delivered Impacts Ad Measurement

You have two campaigns running. They were launched at the same time. They are targeting the same audience.

Here are the results you’ve seen so far:

Campaign 1: 

→ 0.67% clickthrough rate (CTR)

→ $1.88 cost-per-click (CPC)

Campaign 2:

→ 3.50% clickthrough rate (CTR)

→ $0.33 cost-per-click (CPC)

If you just found out your budget was cut in half and you need to end one of these campaigns today. Which of these campaigns performed better and will be staying on?

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