Nick Lafferty

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Nick is a growth marketing consultant for B2B SaaS startups. He’s worked for and advised companies like Loom, Glean, and AngelList.

His free newsletter, the Early Exit Club, chronicles his journey to $30k/month in self-employment income and helps other marketers make the transition from full-time to freelance.

Thought-Leadership Content on LinkedIn: The Key to Efficient Growth in 2024

The era of growth-at-all-costs strategy is over.

Companies are pushing for profitability today instead of projecting for it in the future.

Your budget and headcount are slashed, but as a growth practitioner, you’re still on the hook for hitting your numbers.

In my work as a growth marketing consultant for B2B SaaS companies, I work with companies from Seed to Series C which gives me a large breadth of experience.

And my best secret for efficient growth right now is right in front of your eyes every day on LinkedIn.

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