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Momoko Price

Momoko Price is the data-loving CRO Consultant & Conversion Copywriter of Kantan Designs. She spends her days helping ecommerce & SaaS companies around the world optimize their sales funnels while living in the woods of Vancouver Island with her business-partner husband and 3 snuggly cats. When she’s not optimizing funnels, she’s busy making human pretzels and collecting an alarming number of bruises at her local MMA gym.

Using Message-Mining to Pinpoint a High-Converting Value Proposition for Your Product

There are already a bazillion resources out there that spell out how to “craft the perfect value proposition.” In fact, the whole concept of “unique value propositions” (UVPs)  is — at least at first glance — really Marketing 101 material.

So why keep talking about it? For one very good reason:

Most courses & books on value propositions FAIL to show you how to actually create value proposition through empirical, quantified research.

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How to change your marketing during and after the crisis

The world has already changed. Your marketing should too.

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These leaders will discuss how to navigate uncertain times in SaaS, eLearning, Ecommerce, and the agency landscape.

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