Margaret Kashuba

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Margaret has a decade of experience in digital marketing, rising from a promoter to the marketing director of OWOX BI.

She’s an expert in marketing strategy, marketing analytics, and team building (including remote teams), and believes that the future lies in data-driven marketing.

Google Analytics vs. Google Analytics 360 (Based on a Decade of Implementations)

For companies that build their analytics on Google products, purchasing Google Analytics 360 is a symbol of maturity. 

As a business grows, it inevitably runs up against limitations of analytics tools. For example, while the data aggregation process in Google Analytics seems like a “normal” feature, it might be a hurdle if your business needs to process data at the hit level instead of by sessions or campaigns.

It’s one of many potential business needs that could affect your decision to upgrade to a Google Analytics 360 license. But is it worth the serious investment?

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